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Blessed are the Children

mother theresa

By ajuperez

I wanted our readers to read a very touching blog from a blogger who calls himself “The Vitruvian Man”. ( This part of his blog also comes from a book entitled “Everything Belongs” by Richard Rohr, just in case someone accuses me of plagiarism. These days, you never know.

“A lot of people have done it ‘all right.’ But when you look at them you say to yourself, ‘If that’s salvation, I don’t know that I want to be saved.’ Is that what heaven is going to be like? A bunch of superior people who tell you when you’re wrong all the time? … That can’t be it.

“On the other side, you meet these little souls who have been eaten up and spit out by life. Yet their eyes shine. I saw so many shining eyes in the Philippines. The Filipinos are a people with so little. I celebrated a Sunday Mass in a squatter’s camp. Shacks all around… The kids met me to lead me into the barrio. Out of these shacks came kids in perfectly clean clothes.         I don’t know how the mothers kept them so clean. They were all dressed up for Sunday Mass. The boys all got their guitars, and it was the big event of the week. They have something we have lost.

“I felt like telling them, You live in a dump by our standards, but do you know what you have? You have a culture that’s not deconstructed. You’re not cynical like we are. You’re all smiling. Why should you be smiling? You don’t have any reason to smile. You live in a shack! It smells like garbage. But you have a father and a mother and clear, simple identity.’ That’s all children need for security and happiness. All the time I was celebrating Mass, they were lighting candles around me… We’d throw it all out as pious religiosity. But they’re smiling and a lot of us aren’t.

“… you constantly feel your hand taken by the little Filipino children. They take your hand and put it to their head. They don’t ask you to bless them. They take it [your blessing] from you. It made me weep. For they have their souls yet! They have light, they have hope… I think when they pull blessings out of you, blessings really come forth… They believe in the blessing, and you are not really sure if it was there until they saw it, expected it, and demanded it. These are the blessed of the earth who usually don’t need to be taught contemplation. Suffering seems to teach them.”

While I am so touched by a foreigner’s very profound insights about our poor children, I am equally baffled as to why it is our own politicians who would like to push RH in order to lessen the children especially those born from poor families. These politicians believe in the old and debunked theories of Malthus and sees poor children as mouths to feed. What’s worse is that they tend to over-simplify our pro-life stand by saying we promote reckless reproduction. Yes, they need a lie in order to cover up another lie; that is how things are done.

Lagman even uses the same Malthusian thinking in order to say that RH will definitely diminish the number of casualties during a severe calamity:

“…Albay Representative Edcel Lagman expressed belief that huge population growth posed difficulties to the government in conducting risk management in times of calamities…” (

I can’t even imagine how the good congressman can put “huge population growth” and “calamities” together in one sentence. It’s like the RH bill is a panacea for society’s ills. By the rate the RH camp is going, they are going to blame almost EVERYTHING on the fact that the RH bill hasn’t been passed yet.

I have always thought of the RH bill as a politician’s cop out – an admission that he or she cannot do his job in providing for the populace and so the populace has to be lessened. It’s also a form of discrimination against the poor: if you are rich, then you can bear as many children as you want. If you are poor, sorry, you will just be given condoms. Pragmatism aside, this setup does not help the poor at all.

The poor’s children have lived poverty and hardship all their lives. All they hope for is a decent education so they can have a shot at getting themselves and their families out of poverty. I know this, because our family was once poor too, and my parents did their best so I can be sent to the best schools, thus here I am today. Education is indeed key to a better future, but don’t count on this fact ever reaching the heads and hearts of RH backers; Instead, the parents of these poor children will be given condoms and pills because the government believes that their future depends on this piece of rubber.

How I wish that one of these hardcore RH backers would have seen what Richard Rohr has seen during his time in the slums. He saw the Filipino children as they really are: blessed. They are blessed because they are blessings. Blessings that came from the Creator himself, the source of all blessings.

“How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers.”

–          Mother Theresa of Calcutta

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5 Responses to “Blessed are the Children”
  1. Alicia G. Mendiola says:

    By nature, we Filipinos are Family Oriented. By nature, we are Religious. And by nature, we are not violent. But our Nationalism was never implanted and nurtured. We were not taught that Love of God and love for our Country goes together. That’s why most of us, can easily be influenced by other Countries culture and distorted beliefs. It is a cycle. Once the Adults are distorted, so are their Children. And when that Children becomes Parents, the distortion inherited from their Parents will their basis in rearing their Children in the future.

    But as the saying goes:”Habang may buhay, may pag-asa”. Most especially if we continue to embrace the Gospel of Life, the center of Jesus’ teachings by living it and sharing it to our brothers and sisters. Once they come to know about it, then we can start telling them that we are God’s Children whose abode is the Philippines. HINGA ng Diyos, upang Mabuhay ang Lahing Pilipino. Katangi-tangi at Mapagpalang Lahing Pilipino!

  2. pilgrim says:

    Hello Pro-life Philippines, while it is indeed heartwarming that the priest mentioned above thought of us Filipinos that way, I have to point out that Fr. Richard Rohr had this to say about the life issue going on in the US:

    Fr. Richard Rohr was also “once reprimanded for presiding at a lesbian “wedding”.

    Let’s be properly informed and guided.

  3. isidro c. valencia says:

    can we reprint it in our newspaper, The Philippine Catholic Veritas?
    Thank you.
    Sid Valencia

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