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The Crusader’s Son
















Hindi lang ito trabaho para sa akin, personal ito!

This was one of the things he mentioned before beginning his Turno en Contra today at the senate. It’s a personal battle against the RH bill for Senator Vicente C. Sotto III, and it turned out that it has always been that way.

On this day, 37 years ago, he and his wife Helen lost their 5-month old son. There were no other explanation offered; their doctor could only blame the contraceptive pills Helen was taking for their son’s fatal condition.

“Si Senator Lapid, nawalan ng anak, 9 years old. Si Senadora Pia, namatayan din po ng anak, after nine months…nalulungkot po ako na marinig sa kanila ‘yon. But the truth is, parang nainggit pa nga ako, mabuti pa nga sila nahawakan nila eh. Yung anak ko, 5 months, ni hindi ko nahipo. Nahawakan ko, patay na.”

“…He died August 13, 1975. 37 years ago today. Noong taong ‘yon, nung 1975, tinanong ko po ang Panginoong Diyos bakit nangyari sa akin yun. Gustong-gusto kong magkaroon ng anak na lalaki, ba’t kinuha nya sa akin? Tinanong ko siya, wala akong nakuhang sagot, Mr. President. 37 years after, binigay sa akin ang Panginoong Diyos ang sagot. Kasi pala, magiging misyon ko pala ‘to, itong ipaglaban ang kararpatan ng maraming inosenteng bata na kikitilin ang buhay ng bill na ito.”


Even as I write this, Twitter is abuzz with lots of RH supporters insulting Senator Sotto through Ciara Sotto’s account. I am sure that these people do not even know what it feels to lose a son. I do not wish to start a word war but whichever side we are on, it is imperative that we know how to respect each other. I call on everyone for sobriety and respect.


I was introduced to Senator Sotto and shook hands with him a couple of minutes before his speech today. “Maraming salamat po sa suporta!”, he politely told me. Right away I could see in his eyes that there was something… was it sadness? Never have I seen eyes that beamed with both hope and sorrow. Perhaps it betrayed a tormented soul.

Now we know.

Now we know what he has been fighting for. He lost his son to the very thing that the RH bill will promote. He wants to save the lives of those he can save, because he was unable to save his own son. His pain has been his battle cry all along – the impetus and motivation that drives him to oppose this bill with all his broken heart. He is a wounded warrior fighting for the innocent and the weak. Back in the days of the knights, the crusaders protected the roads leading to the Holy Land and protected the pilgrims as well. Today, just like in the days of old, he fights in order to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

His son, Vincent Paul, watches over us from heaven. The Crusader’s Son has seen God even before his father did, because his father still has a mission here on Earth. A mission started by the son, and carried on by the father.

One day, the Crusader will finally be able to hold his son.


Why are we pro-lifers? Why do we have to endure so much ridicule and defamation day in and day out in social and mainstream media? Why did we stay standing for hours under the monsoon rains, on that wet Saturday afternoon when we all gathered at EDSA?

Why are we fighting so much for lives that are not our own? God knows how much we have suffered, and continue to suffer, because of our pro-life convictions. Why do we still do it?

We all have our reasons, and we all have our answers. All I know is that we are only following in Christ’s footsteps – his footsteps towards Calvary.

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5 Responses to “The Crusader’s Son”
  1. cactusflower says:

    Senator Tito was talking not as a politician but as a brave witness of faith. We are proud of him. We will here in vietnam remember you all. Our theme on faith and new evangelization will touch the respect for life.

    God bless.

    A friend,

    Fr. Cajilig

  2. IanRamirez says:

    I salute Senator T. Sotto for the bravery and courage. RH supporters hated him for sharing his personal grief. God bless Senator Sotto!

  3. susan sevilla says:

    God be with you Sen. Sotto.. thanks for fighting for HIM..

  4. Fe Buenavista says:

    Thanks God, we have one more lawmaker in the person of Senator Sotto, who is man enough to expose in public the evil of contraceptives. God bless, Senator Sotto. Please continue the crusade. God is in your side!

  5. cactusflower says:

    Dear Senator Sotto,

    We at Pro-Life Philippines stand up for life with you.

    We commend you for courageously facing this bill that will destroy men, women, children, the Filipino family, and the soul of this nation. Like you, we believe in the beauty and sanctity of every stage of human life, from conception to natural death. Your crusade to save the unborn is a crusade to save the poor, the weak, and the innocent everywhere where their lives are threatened is an example of how we can be modern-day heroes and patriots of the highest order.

    All heroes, however, have to go through trials and tribulations. We are aware of the anger and the hatred your speech has caused. Please do not be disheartened, for as our Lord Jesus Christ himself said: “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me first.” (John 15: Take courage, dear brother in Christ, for we all have to go through the world’s hatred in order to gain our place in heaven). We at Pro-Life Philippines are with you to support you in these very trying times and we are with you in this fight for life, for truth, and for justice.

    We face an uphill battle against the forces that have been blinded by false ideologies and the lure of comfort and riches. They have sold our country out to the foreign groups and lobbyists who threaten the lives of our women and children with carcinogenic pills and their empty promises of empowerment through contraception. This country needs more heroes like you, Senator Sotto. We look up to your shining example and hope to emulate your selflessness and wisdom in this confused society we all live in. This modern-day crusade we all partake in, in order to protect those who cannot protect themselves, is definitely our path towards the imitation of Christ. We are happy to have such a fierce and uncompromising knight of life fighting with us.

    We are sure that your son is among the proudest souls in heaven because of the light you give this world that has embraced darkness. God bless you, and may you and your family live a happy and fulfilled life! Mabuhay!


    Eric Manalang
    Pro Life Philippines

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