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DIVORCE….Why not?

1. Divorce in the Philippines is not legal but it looks like there are more couples getting an annulment. Isn’t this enough reason to legalize divorce?

The increasing numbers may be due to a greater awareness of this procedure than before. We get to know more about annulments or separations today especially if they involve movie or society personalities. The media loves to elaborate on the details but no one seems to be paying attention to the millions of good marriages around, which do not see print.

In Defense of Marriage: Why is divorce no good?

2. The Philippines is now the ONLY country (aside from the Vatican) where divorce is not legal. Isn’t that rather strange?

Even if all the countries in the world, except ours, have legalized divorce, this is not a forceful reason for us to have it. If our Constitution is the only one in the world that guarantees the protection of the institution of marriage as a lasting and permanent union, then this unique and fundamental law must be something to be proud of! (Article XV, Sec. 2 “Marriage, as an inviolable social institution, is the foundation of the family and shall be protected by the State”).

A lasting marriage stabilizes the family and society as a whole. Divorce divides and destroys the family. Marriage is not a 50-50 arrangement. Divorce is. Marriage has to be 100-100. “It isn’t about dividing everything in half, but giving everything you’ve got.” If one gives 80, then the other must give a 120.

Cardinal Scola: Pope Francis will stand with tradition on marriage

3. If the criteria for granting a divorce are well thought of and strict, those applying for divorce can be forewarned that they must have a truly valid case to pursue its filing. Would this be another convincing reason for legalizing divorce?

Most countries where divorce is legal have now gone a step further down by accepting what is called a “no fault divorce”. This means that couples do not need a valid or compelling reason to separate; only a simple agreement to end the marriage is enough. This paves the way for flimsy excuses (or none) to be legal grounds for ending a marriage. The petitioner for divorce could cite “irreconcilable differences” without having to validate what he or she means.

Pope Francis to open Vatican conference on traditional marriage

4. Divorce advocates argue that it is a solution to failed, if not oppressive and dehumanizing unions. Shouldn’t divorce be a consideration to properly address this and other irreconcilable differences between married couples?

If a spouse proves not only to be overbearing but also abusive and cruel, or if there are situations in which living together becomes practically impossible, there are sufficient provisions in the Family Code that provide for legal separation of the spouses. In some cases, there is even annulment of voidable marriages. There are also salutary provisions in Republic Act No. 9262 (An Act defining Violence against Women and their Children, providing for protective measures for victims, prescribing penalties therefore, and for other purposes) for the protection of women and their children. Legal Separation may be the only recourse to ensure not only the legal rights and care of the children but also spousal support, visitation rights, etc.

Divorce must NEVER be considered. There is no difficult situation that cannot be addressed in an adequate way. Many difficult situations are worsened by the stubborn and blind passions of hate or indecisions caused by infidelity or an unmentioned third party. Behind most divorces in the West is an untold story of irretrievable loss and betrayal by one or the other. The marriage fails because one or the other party wanted it to fail.

5. Please explain the following terms further – Legal Separation, Annulment, Declaration of Nullity

Legal separation allows the parties to live separately, but the marriage is not dissolved and neither party can contract marriage with a new partner.

Civil Annulment recognizes the existence of a marriage until the time it is invalidated. The consent of one or both parties to the marriage must be proven to be faulty at the time of the exchange of vows. After an annulment, parties are restored to their single status.

Declaration of nullity means that there was no valid marriage at all in the first place. The parties could remarry afterwards because they have, technically, never been married.




Divorce in dictionary

Divorce in dictionary

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