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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Inroads of the Culture of Death: Disturbing data about family and life in PH that call to action
















By:  Dr. Raul Nidoy, Board Member of Pro-Life Phil. Fdn. Inc.

What is happening to our dear Filipino values of love for family, fidelity in marriage, love for babies, and respect for purity?

The data show that there is an erosion of these values: a disturbing penetration of Western hedonism and its culture of death.
From the data, we understand why Pope Francis called the Filipinos to action,  insisting that we protect the family and protect children.
MARRIAGE. An “inviolable institution” and “the foundation of the family”, according to the Philippine Constitution. The Philippines is the only country in the world, outside the Vatican, that does not have a divorce law. Pope Francis in Manila said, “The family is also threatened by growing efforts on the part of some to redefine the very institution of marriage, by a lack of openness to life.”
  • Registered marriages: from 577K in 2000, these went down to 492K in 2009 then to 476K in 2011.
  • Separated and Divorce: from 558K in 2000, these went up to 893K in 2010 (60% increase)
  • Annulments: from 5250 in 2010, up to 10,528 in 2012 (100% increase)
  • Support for Divorce Law: from 43-44% support in 2005, to 60% support in 2014 (SWS)
  • Morality of Divorce: Total of 32% say that it is morally acceptable (25%) and a non-moral issue (7%), as against 67% who find it morally unacceptable (PEW survey of 2013)
  • Same-sex unions as equivalent to “marriage”: 16% agree while 84% disagree (Laylo).
  • Morality of homosexuality: Total of 32% find it morally acceptable (25%) and a non-moral issue (7%)


Quick reply to divorce: Research shows that 44% of women fell into poverty after a divorce.
Quick reply to same-sex unions as marriage:  While marriage is (1) procreative, (2) complementary, (3) sensitive to the needs of a child to be raised by his own father and mother, same-sex union is (1) non-procreative, (2) non-complementary, and (3) not sensitive to the needs of a child to be raised by his own father and mother.
CHILDREN AS BLESSINGS. A proverb of Masbate says: A child is a grace given by the Lord to a married couple. An Ilokano proverb says: A child is the wealth of the poor. The Catholic Catechism says: Large families are a sign of God’s blessings and the parents’ generosity. (CCC 2373) Pope Francis in Manila raised the alarm of “the threat of the destruction of the family through the privation of children.”
  • Fertility rate (no. children per woman): From 7.4 children in 1965, to 5.98 in 1975, to 4.14 in 1995, to 3.09 in 2015.
  • Contraceptive prevalence rate (% of women ages 15-49 using contraception): From 15.40% in 1968, to 36.2% in 1978, to 50.70% in 1995, to 55.10% in 2013
  • Morality of contraception: Total of 69% find them morally acceptable (60%) and a non-moral issue (9%); Only 29% morally unacceptable. (Pew survey of 2013)
  • Use of abortifacients: 26.3% of married women use abortifacients: 19.8% use pills, 3.4% injectables, 3.1% IUD (2011)
Quick reply to small families:  Recent study has shown thatparents who have four or more children are happier and more satisfied with their lives.
Quick reply to contraceptives: Science facts on contraceptives:  The pill kills children. The pill injures women’s health: cancer, stroke, heart attacks; Contraceptives leads to more premarital sex, fatherless children, single mothers, abortion; Wide condom promotes spread of AIDS.
CHASTITY AND SEXUALITY.  A Tagalog proverb says: Ang puri’t dangal mas mahalaga kaysa buhay. (Chastity and honor are more valuable than life.)  The Catholic Catechism teaches:  Sexuality is ordered to conjugal love. (CCC 2360)
  • Engaged in Premarital Sex among 15-24yos: From 23% in 1994 (26.1% of boys and only 10.2% of girls) to 32% (35.5 boys and 28.7% of girls)
  • Morality of Premarital Sex: A total of 27% find it morally acceptable (20%) and a non-moral issue (7%); 71% say it is morally unacceptable.
  • Living Together or Cohabitation: From 5.2% of women 15yos and above in 1993 to 8% in 2003.
  • Production of child pornography: Philippines is among the top 10 countries producing online child pornography
  • Search for sex in the internet: Philippines among top 10countries (Google Trends)
  • Exposure to pornography: 56.5% of Filipinos aged 15 to 24 years old have been exposed to pornographic videos
Quick reply to cohabitation:  According to extensive research, cohabition is “the worst possible preparation for marriage” and is “a training for divorce.” Cohabiting couples have less income, are less happier, and have more problematic children than married couples.
Quick reply to pornography:  Research has shown that it has great social cost: it traps men into addiction, can make them sexually incompetent with real partner, women feel betrayed, it increases the likelihood of break up in the family,



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