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My Moral Stand Against Same-Sex Marriage
















By Ansel Beluso, Board Member, Pro-Life Philippines

When America sneezes, the Philippines catches a flu. When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to legalize same-sex marriage in the so-called land of the free and home of the brave, the battle for gay rights to win Filipino minds and hearts escalated to unprecedented heights – and the value and sacredness of marriage and family life as authored by God is threatened and thrashed to the great alarm of the majority that is now roused to raise an army in defense of the true, good, beautiful and right.

God spares me from the skirmishes as I am a thousand miles away from the battlefront. But even as I cannot draw out my sword from its scabbard for now, I hereby declare my moral stand against same-sex marriage by posting this column by good friend Inday Badiday 14 summers ago about the most blessed day of my life…

June 23, 2001

Face to Face
By Inday Badiday 


Two Thursdays ago, I stood as a principal sponsor in the beautiful wedding of Anselle Beluso and Joyce Supnet. It was special because Anselle used to be gay – a raging faggot, as he described himself in the past.

I’ve known Anselle for all his years in show business. As he was marching down the aisle that hot and humid afternoon, a flood of memories came rushing through my mind. Like, he was one of my favorite panelists on “See True” because he was among the brightest and wittiest at that time.

At one point, in a heated discussion about censorship, he pointedly asked Ishmael Bernal, “Is a filmmaker’s freedom of expression more important than the citizens’ right to be protected against smut?” The feisty film master effortlessly minced him with a curt and dramatic “Yes” and nothing else; but for Anselle to have the temerity to take on the late, great Ishma was already an achievement.

In another episode, we guested a slew of boldies collectively called the Street Beauties – their screen names were borrowed from the names of streets, like Epifania de los Santos and Aurora Boulevard. Anselle noted the immensity of their frontal assets by inquiring with all the seriousness I was sure he’d have given to a query on nuclear physics, “Tunay ba yang boobs nyo?”

I myself was shocked by the question and immediately cued for a commercial break. You understand, this was long before it became OK for sexy stars to openly brag about the wonders of science.

At that time, I got some flak for putting movie scribes on television because their flamboyant homosexuality was then deemed a bad moral influence. But I insisted that there were lot of entertainment journalists who also deserved to be seen and heard and not just read. My best argument for that was Anselle.

As the years flew by, Anselle became a friend. I took him in as writer-director, but he is so much more than just that. We used to waste the nights away with just cigarettes, booze and each other for company, crying and laughing over love and life in the dizzying fantasy world of show business.

Even though I’m older in years, he’s more mature in other things. I’d run to him for advice especially on matters of the heart; and he was one of only a few who could criticize me, harshly, without my taking offense because I knew he cared for me.

And I cared for him, too. There were nights that I prayed for him because, as I was already preparing for bed, I knew he was still out there foraging both for love and lust in the dark nooks of the city.

When Anselle first told me of his spiritual transformation which made him turn away from the active homosexuality he once embraced, I confess that I was a little cynical. He’d tell me of the pains he went through as he valiantly battled against his demons; I kept quiet because I didn’t want to risk offending him.

But when he finally introduced me to his girlfriend and I saw for myself how so in love they were with each other, I was stupefied and left with no other choice but to marvel at the magnificent splendor of God’s transforming power.

I cried on Ansel’s wedding, when Ansel’s 10-year-old adopted son Bimbom was asked to join them in the picture-taking. I recalled my fears when Ansel took in the barely five-month-old infant. How could someone who was so gay ever perform the all-too-male role of father?

I remember the time when Bimbom was asking Ansel who his mother was. Ansel found the answer when he stood as principal sponsor in a wedding and he posed for a picture with the bride, asking the groom to step aside for a while. When the photo was developed, it did appear like Ansel was the groom, and he showed that picture to his son, claiming the bride as the child’s mom.

Such duplicities are over now. For Ansel has taken home a bride – a wife for him and a mother for Bimbom. During the wedding, the child was smiling from ear to ear and my eyes misted with unbidden tears of joy.

Finally, Anselle has done right by his son. I remember, Bimbom cried and cried when Anselle broke off, under very acrimonious circumstances, with the guy whom he (Bimbom) grew up to acknowledge as his dad. Ansel put up a brave front, but deep inside, he felt a throbbing pain in the empty space where his heart used to be.

There were some movie people who gave a powerful rendition of the Lord’s Prayer during the wedding mass. I’m sure, more than not wanting to miss the biggest event in the life of a friend, they also treasured the opportunity to witness a real-life miracle as it most splendidly unfolded.

I salute the Couples for Christ family renewal community as the cocoon that nurtured Anselle’s process of transformation. God truly works in their midst, using them to bring people back to Him.

Indeed, their support as Anselle struggled with his area of sinfulness must be limitless for him to finally be liberated from his enslavement. Groups like Couples for Christ are God’s hands that make us believe again in the Lord’s boundless love, mercy and forgiveness.

Anselle and Joyce, I’m humbled by the experience of seeing God in your love and in your life. Thank you for the gift of inspiration that you so generously give to people like me who have become so jaded and blasé with the ways of the world.

You are a blessing to each other, to your family, to your Couples for Christ community, and to all of us who have been drawn closer to the Lord because of you.

My wish for you: An Anselle Jr. or a little Joyce soon, very soon. I know you’ll have all the time for that when you go on your European honeymoon next month.







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