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There is No Justice in Justified Abortions


The pro-abortion lobby group WGNRR (Women’s Global Network on Reproductive Rights) has launched a signature campaign calling for Justice De Lima to revise the present criminal code in order to include provisions for justified abortions.’ In their petition, justified abortions can be done under these conditions:

1.            In case of incest or rape;

2.            If the physical and emotional health of the mother is in danger;

3.            If tests prove that the fetus will have a serious illness or deformity.

It could be recalled that the WGNRR was one of the groups who pushed for the RH bill which is now a law. Many of the RH backers used to say that the RH law will not lead to abortion. Now they themselves are openly and brazenly asking for it!

But we will leave that subject matter for another day. Let’s debunk these claims that under these conditions, abortions can be justified.

But first, let us propose two principles: first, that there is dignity accorded to all people from the first moment of life, which is conception.  We have to accept this because an embryo, a fetus, a baby, a teen ager, and an adult are all the same: they are all humans in various stages of their life. A human being has dignity in the first instance of life, or he doesn’t have dignity at all.

Second: as a result of the first principle, we can therefore say that there is goodness in all conception of human life, regardless of how a person is conceived.  Life in itself is good; there is no such thing as an evil life.

These are the principles that we will use in order to prove that abortion can NEVER be justified, especially on the grounds that the WGNRR have made.

1. On the proposal that babies can be justly aborted if they were conceived out of rape or incest – the first principle says that this baby’s humanity is enough for him to still be accorded with dignity and rights, and the second principle says that the fact that this baby was conceived under woeful circumstances does not make her any less a member of the human race. There is goodness present in every conception and birth, and this goodness in itself is the gift a mother receives to compensate for the evil that was done to her. While we do not diminish the evil of rape or incest, we also have to stress the ultimate triumph of goodness as manifested by the conception of human life, which by itself cannot be evil.

2. On the proposal that babies can be justly aborted on the basis of the mother’s physical and emotional health –While many would say that aborting the unborn can be good if it means the health of the mother, the act of killing the fetus is itself evil and therefore the action can never be good. In our modern times, it is difficult to find a case where a doctor has to choose between the life of the mother and the life of the unborn. And what does ‘emotional health’ mean, and how can anyone make an objective measure of emotional health in order to gauge a mother’s capacity for pregnancy? Isn’t that a highly unusual procedure that is open to a lot of different interpretations, and eventually a lot of abuse? Will a girl who says “I am so sad, I don’t want this baby,” or “I am going through a lot of stuff right now, please abort this baby” be qualified for a justified abortion?

This second reason for justified abortion is crucial, since this will open the window for abortion on demand, which is a far, far cry from ‘justified abortion’ (although still as evil).

3. On the proposal that babies can be justly aborted on account of a grave illness or physical deformity – We know of at least three people who would object to this: Helen Keller, Stevie Wonder, and Andrea Bocelli. We know you can also name a lot of people, famous or not, who had been diagnosed with an illness or deformity prior to their births, but are now living normal, happy lives. Our lives are enriched because of them!


Ideologically speaking, this is plain and simple eugenics that they’re trying to apply here: only the ‘perfect’ people deserve to live. If eugenics were to be the norm, then the unborn is just a start; remember during World War II, Hitler ordered not only  the Jews to be executed, but also homosexuals, gypsies, those with Down syndrome and other deformities, the old, the crippled, and those they seemed useless for the Third Reich. Frankly, this third reason they came up with is scary, and reveals bit by bit the true nature of those who push this agenda of Death.

There is no justice in justified abortions, so we ask everyone to remain vigilant and militant. Let us speak for those who cannot speak, and defend the lives of those who cannot defend themselves. Let us not be misled: Abortion on demand is what they really want, and this justified abortion issue is just a stepping stone.


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