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PopCom is a Second Rate, Trying Hard Copycat

















We Filipinos are so good at imitating everything western. Everything, from films to fashion, from culture to food. As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery, and we have flattered our Caucasian brothers  and sung their praises all the way to the high heavens.

One of the things we sincerely wish we didn’t copy from them is the PopCom’s penchant for population scaremongering. They simply have to tell you the worst things in order to get the public to accept the population control programs that they need to implement. The order comes straight from their master, the UNFPA, no less.

This is from Sun Star, reporting about our friends from the PopCom:

//THE Philippines faces another challenge as its population recently reached 100 million.

Commission on Population regional director Rosa Fortaleza highlighted the birth of the 100 millionth babies on July 27 is a big challenge for all Filipinos to assure the country has a quality population.

(quality population? That smacks of eugenics!)

“We want the general public to realize na bawat pinapanganak na tao sa Pilipinas ay isang malaking challenge for all of us.

Fortaleza said it is a big challenge for the government to ensure services and all other needs of the people are well provided.

(so they’d rather curb the population than provide the necessary needs of the people. )

Fortaleza acknowledged the country has long been facing big problems in education, employment, health and even in the lack of social services.

“How is the government or local government units going to cope with the needs of the additional population kung di pa nasasagot yung pangangailangan ng population ngayon,” she said.

(Government: how are we going to acquire more ‘savings’ if you people keep on breeding?!)

With the increasing maternal morbidity and infant mortality in the country, Fortaleza said there is still a lack in social and/or medical services.

“Hindi talaga natin naibibigay yung pangangailangan,” she noted.

However, Fortaleza said it is not only the sole responsibility of the government to provide the needs of every Filipino but also ordinary citizens especially parents.

(Duh. Captain Obvious, Pinoys have been providing for their own needs and making do with what they have despite the hard life the government is imposing on them for the longest time!)

She mentioned parents should also make sure their children are physically, psychologically, spiritually and morally upright.//

(Of course, why we have our government officials to look up to for that, don’t we?)


Population control is a copout solution that our government officials will be using in order to address the ‘problem of the population.’ By their own admission, the government can’t keep up with the needs of the additional population.

How can a a poor family man or a kid from a poor family every rise from poverty. No way they’re ever worth anything, much less  are they  predisposed to doing something good and selfless.

Wait, what is this?

MANILA – Poverty should not hinder a student from working hard. Just ask Rommel Edusma, a farmer’s son and Yolanda survivor who went on to top the certified public accountant board exam.

Speaking to ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda, Edusma confirmed that he had to stop schooling for three years because his family simply did not have money to pay for his college tuition. He said he was just one of 10 brothers and sisters in the family.

“My father was a former soldier and he retired early. We were all going to college so hindi po kakayanin. Mauuna muna yung nakakatanda,” he said.

He said that even before his review, he made it a goal to work hard and make it to the top 10 of the CPA board exams.

He also said he does not see poverty as a hindrance to studying hard.

Ang kahirapan ay hindi kamalasan. Minsan ang pagiging mahirap ay pwedeng advantage. Halimbawa wala kang pambili sa mall, pampanood ng sine. Ang gagawin mo ay mag-aaral na lang. Wala kang pambili ng bisyo,” he said.

All of Edusma’s hard work has paid off after he topped the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination, with a 94.7% rating.

He is now set to work in one of the biggest companies in the country.

Edusma said he is planning to teach and inspire poor students, especially his fellow ”Yolanda” survivors, to continue to dream.

We could just imagine our pro-RH friends and those under PopCom saying:

What ? He was just one of ten siblings? How barbaric! To have ten siblings at such an age. It is tantamount to economic sabotage. It’s not the civilized way. One or two kids should have been enough. Too many kids result in poverty, and there is no escaping poverty, especially when you have ten siblings! After all, wasn’t that the message of our DOH commercial?











Pro-Life goes on record to say this, dear friends: PopCom, and the rest of you population-control-RH-law fanatics, you are nothing but a second rate, trying hard, copycat! You imitate the worst your Western Superiors want you to imitate. You say what they want you to say. You make into laws what they want you to legislate.

All you need to do is to look to other countries and see where their low birthrates have gotten them: at the brink of demographic, and soon economic, collapse. Sure, you can argue fallaciously that low birthrates have made the other countries rich and prosperous. But was that really the case? Even if it were the case, look at where it has gotten them! These countries need immigrants – Pinoys! – in order to be their workers, to fuel the economy, and basically run the wheels of their country.  Just look at greying Japan. At Singapore. At European countries! All of them need people they could no longer have because of low birth rates.













PopCom, you are a copycat, the worst kind ever. You and the pro-RH ilk’s population control schemes will be the peril of this country.  


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