How far will you go to be granted the most precious gift of life?

So many mothers and fathers face the daunting reality of not having children — and yet everywhere in the world, even in our own streets and back allies, women throw away their babies, or consult abortionists and murder these little angels in cold blood.

This video, entitled “Hangad”, is brought to you by Pro-Life Philippines and the creative minds of Y&R Philippines. It shows us the anguish of couples everywhere, especially women, who have done their utmost in order to conceive the child they have always yearned for, only for other women to resort to the murder of their babies.

Abortion is never an option. If you are pregnant and confused, and thinking about aborting your own child, or know someone who is thinking of doing so, please call us at 655-6202 or text us at 0919-2337783 . We offer free confidential, directive and constructive counseling services, and can also help you in conceiving children through Natural Family Planning.



This 90-second ad was seen during Holy Week,2014  on GMA 7.

You can also watch it through this You Tube link.




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2 Responses to ““Hangad””
  1. 6weeksmom says:

    Amidst my confusion and feeling of loneliness when I found out that I’m pregnant, seeing this ad made me want to keep my baby no matter how hard life can be right now. Thank you.

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