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RH and Freedom of Expression


The Pasay RTC denied the request for the TRO of the 7th APCRHS held at the PICC last January 21,23, 2014, citing ‘freedom of expression’ as the primary reason for the denial. What the organizers and the RH camp cannot deny, however, was the fact that the conference, dubbed by pro-lifers as the “abortion conference”, really did tackle abortion.

From the website of Senator Pia Cayetano:

“Petitioners claimed that the APCRSHR is an ‘abortionists’ conference.’ But discussions on reproductive health will necessarily include abortion, and as the counsel for the conference organizers correctly pointed out, no abortion is taking place at the conference.”

Nobody said there would be abortions in the conference. The petition came because these delegates will be talking about abortion in a country where abortion is illegal. Atty. Jo Imbong explains that ““Under the law, publicly spousing crime like abortion is also a crime. So those who are promoting that discussion are violating the law.”

Notice that Senator Cayetano did not deny that “discussions on reproductive health will necessarily include abortion.” And we all know the answer – it’s because abortion is intrinsic to the concept of Reproductive Health.

An article from said:

Organizers of the conference admitted some of the discussions deal on medical abortion which is performed to save the life of a woman, particularly in ectopic pregnancies.

This paragraph makes the organizers look good, but let us make no mistake about it: they are snarling wolves in sheep’s clothing. Do they really think they can fool us by saying that the only abortion they will talk about is in the case of ectopic pregnancies, a procedure which pro-lifers don’t even consider as an abortion, technically? The world’s top abortion groups were there in attendance. International Planned Parenthood Fund. Marie Stopes.AsiaSafe Abortion Partnership. Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights. (WGNRR) Did these groups just go halfway across the globe to talk about ectopic pregnancies?


WGNRR posted this on their Facebook a week before the 7th APCRHS:


Never did WGNRR deny that they stand for the legalization of abortion in countries that consider it illegal. In fact, look at what they say in their website:


So, in the spirit of freedom of expression, we ask you, Senator Pia Cayetano:

Are you in favor for the legalization of abortion, or not?

If no, then why do you keep in company those who advocate for abortion here, like Dr. Melgar of Likhaan, and Guy Claudio of WGNRR? Dr. Melgar herself said that “to be pro-woman, one should have contact with abortion providers.”

If you say you are for against unsafe abortions, have you, or Senator Miriam Santiago, or Congressman Edcel Lagman, made a concerted effort to catch those participating in illegal abortion and/or selling abortifacients?

Please pass this on until it reaches the senator.


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3 Responses to “RH and Freedom of Expression”
  1. Maria Go says:

    It’s great to read an article on the illegality of the temporary restraining order. I’ve also tried writing a blog post on this. I’m just a law student so I’m not aswell versed as Atty. Imbong. But I do hope it can shed light on this issue as well.

  2. Maria Go says:

    legality* sorry typo

  3. Bernie says:

    This is a wake-up call to the Pro-lifers of the world as well as to the Catholic laity, whose year it is. When Pope Francis advised fellow priests not to get stuck on abortion issues, he was right, because it is we, the laity — blessed by God with the responsibility of co-creating and nurturing human life — who should carry on the fight against abortion and contraception. The enemy, the diehard likes of Edcel and Pia and Risa are not sleeping, so neither should we. It is not only natural calamities like Yolanda that kill life, it is also human intervention propped by false ideas of “freedom” encouraged by the Edcels and Pias of the world. Don’t be fooled by the fancy United Nations language of the pro-abortionists. Hitler, too, was a smooth talker to his constituents.

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