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Help the Yolanda Orphans!















Pro-Life Philippines has always been about reaching out to the most vulnerable persons in our society. In the aftermath of the recent catastrophic typhoon Yolanda, so many of our countrymen have died, leaving behind small children – orphans who need our help and our care. Pro-Life Philippines has taken the initiative in helping these children by flying them here to Metro Manila to be relocated to various orphanages and safe houses who can take care of their needs.

As of this writing, Pro-Life Philippines Media and Legislative Liaison officer Lito David and Pro-Life board member Moises Cañete are in Tacloban to start the process of documenting the orphans. They report that there are 8 orphans waiting to be flown here in Manila and to be taken to their respective orphanages, but there are hundreds more from all over Samar and Leyte that need our help. You can do so in two ways:

1. Volunteer as one of those who can do the documentation. Volunteers are needed to hasten the documentation period, allowing the children to be flown here in Manila faster. Unfortunately, Pro-Life Philippines is unable to pay for your fare going to Tacloban.

2. Donate cash. We need cash in order to pay for the air fare of the children we are about to bring here and their chaperons.

You may call the Pro-Life office hotline at 733-70-27, Telefax  7349425 or    CP No. 09192337783 / 09175359702 if you wish to donate cash or to volunteer in Tacloban. Every bit of help counts, especially for these poor, young orphans.

Pro-Life Philippines account numbers:


Metrobank Current Account, (Anonas Branch) : 007-304-52708-7

Metrobank Dollar Account (Anonas Branch, savings) : 2304002474

photo courtesy of

“Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.”


August 19. 2014:  Constructions of Hayag Children’s Home ongoing. (Proposed Two Storey Expansion of Hayag Bldg.)

March 29, 2014: B BRAUN PHILS. Helps Rebuild Hayag Children’s Home in Ormoc City, Leyte


January 13 & April, 2014 : HOUSE OF FRIENDSHIP (Donations in Kind sent the boxes via LBC) 

BENEFACTORS AS OF Jan. 6, 2014: Mr. Roger Melegrito, Atty. June Chipeco, Chen Kuo Nan, Mr. Eric Manalang, Dr. Celia Adriano, Dr. Angelita Aguirre, Ms. Monica Miller, Daymart Marketing, Panasonic Manufacturing Corp., Elaine Lee Lay Yong, Lalaine and Gerard Regino, Torres and Almirol Families.

DECEMBER 18, 2013 : Received a cash donation of  from PANASONIC MANUFACTURING CORP.Dec. 18, 2013 for the support of the Typhoon Yolanda Orphans. (Click this link to view photo)

DECEMBER 12, 2013: Assessment  Report from Mr. Eric Manalang, Pro-Life Phil. President during his visit to Visayas with Pro-Life Board Member, Mr. Moises Canete, and Media & Legislative Liaison officer Mr. Lito David.

The Hayag Childrens Receiving Home at Ormoc City destroyed roof including the roof above 11 children ages 1-3years. Met with Sr Loi Admin and Gloria Velasquez President of the charitable foundation registered with DSWD and affiliated with the Palo Archdiocese. An MOA will be prepared for the collaboration on Yolanda orphans.  If you wish to support one child let us know.Sorry strictly no pictures allowed of orphans.Help these orphans have a future..P1200/month estimated expenses.
(Click this link to view photos)

These are the fortunate little ones from Bgy. Cogon Tacloban City where Yolanda wiped out 200 fishing village houses and 60 bancas but worst is over 60 perished.Help bgy cogon to rebuild and get bancas to resume livelihood. .there is hope. (Click this link to view photos)

DECEMBER 10, 2013: Text message from Msgr Bernie Pantin Vicar Gen Palo Archdiocese

Here are the names of the orphans: Mary Joy Luz, 14, Mary Grace Luz, 9 and Mary Rose Duque. The name of their parents who died are Bernardo Duque jr and Merlina Luz. They were not married so that only the youngest child had the family name of the father. Their lola who is taking care of them now is Melinda Luz. Her husband Remegio Luz also died during the typhoon.

Another son of Merlina Luz, named Remegelio Luz, died leaving a pregnant wife named Angelina Luz whom Merlina sent back to her parents as she could no longer afford to keep her in her home.

The husband also of the younger sister of Merlina Luz named Jose Cantiveros died leaving the wife Gina Cantiveros and five children ages 18 to 6. The eldest son is in manila.

There are others also that either the mother or the father died during the typhoon leaving the children to the surviving parent. One father is still disturbed until now, that the children are in the care of a lola.

Picture attached is that of Melinda Luz and her three apos in their makeshift shelter.

 If you want to sponsor any or all of the grandchildren or the lola or clan members for house rebuild and monthly help while we figure out something sustaining with the may just send funds to Pro-Life Philippines account and we will send to them direct.

December: Pro-Life Philippines handed the first donation (P 10,000) to Norfil Foundation for the initial help of the project.


Pro-Life Philippines Foundation, Inc is a non-profit, nationwide organization that functions as an Educational body coordinating pro-life groups, providing information on life issues it also functions as a political and legislative lobby group that advances the principles and policies with the pro-life and pro-family cause.








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