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An Open Letter from Pro-Life Philippines
















The events of the past few months have left no shadow of doubt that there is indeed something critically wrong with the leadership of this country.

Our nation has been devastated by two terrible natural disasters weeks apart. While we have no clear numbers on the number of deaths, the destruction caused by both the earthquake in Bohol and especially Typhoon Yolanda has been total. We were saddened by your apparent refusal to use government funds to rebuild the churches in Bohol; after all, these are structures that has housed the people of God and of Bohol in their times of worship. These churches, heirlooms from our rich heritage, have, at the very least, contributed to our economy by virtue of them being tourist hotspots.

We are aghast, however, at the apparent absence of any semblance of leadership and organization in places hardest hit by the recent storm. Neither local nor foreign media can hide that fact, and the accounts of those who survived Yolanda’s wrath have confirmed that the chaos and bedlam in these places have reached apocalyptic proportions. The dead are everywhere, with no one to bury them, and those who remain alive are hungry, thirsty, and are desperate for assistance from the government, which so far has been out of sight, or out of reach of the majority.

Genesis 4:10 reads: “And he said to him: What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth to me from the earth.”

It is simply heartbreaking to see so many of our countrymen struggle to keep alive while there seems to be no evidence of concrete leadership or action being done to help them survive!

Our country is situated in a very unforgiving place in the Pacific Rim. Storms and typhoons make our country their alley, and active fault lines and volcanoes threaten our very existence and way of life. Most of all, we are still a country of poor people even made poorer by corrupt politicians and corrupt government practices like PDAF and DAF.  Billions of pesos each year are lost due to corruption, and as a result, the poor remain poor and only a handful prosper. Typhoons, earthquakes, and other natural disasters come and go, but it is the greed of our leaders that have been snuffing the life out of this nation for so long.

As pro-lifers and as concerned citizens, we can take no more of this unacceptable situation.

Guided by our faith in God, and the principles and values we hold dear, we urge our leaders: unite this country!

We urge you, President Benigno Aquino: hear the cries of your brothers and sisters in the Visayas. Be the resilient leader you are expected to be by those who have voted for you! Show us your true grit and spunk and inspire your countrymen to persevere in these darkest hours. Be the wise president many Filipinos think you are by bringing much-needed leadership to places like Tacloban. Turn our anger into admiration and our disappointment to contentment by leading the way in eliminating PDAF, DAF, and all other corrupt systems altogether, and strengthen our moral fiber to fight against corruption and greed.

We urge our dear honorable congressmen and senators: regain the people’s trust that the PDAF/DAF issue has destroyed. If you are capable of raking in millions from ghost NGOs, we believe that you are capable of funnelling funds and goods to those who need them with the power, office, and influence you hold.

Finally, we urge you, our dear brothers and sisters: let our tragedies harden our resolve to unite this country under the Almighty. Our tribulations are opportunities for rebuilding, renewal, and rebirth, and may  nothing bring us down as Filipinos. May we always seek the light that comes from God – that very same light that binds us together and steels our resolve despite the many catastrophes and trials that come our way.

This is a perfect opportunity for our leaders to redeem themselves and heal the many wounds that partisan politics have caused. This is also the perfect time for us, citizens of this hurting but proud nation, that we can once again muster the spirit of People Power – and unite as one people to rectify and learn from our sins that have both caused and exacerbated the problems we now suffer.

It may take many years before we can finally say that we have risen wiser and stronger from the present debacle we now face, but every journey begins with a single step. Let us take that step now as a testament to those who have died in this storm. We owe it to our children, and to our children’s children to make that one step.




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  1. Brian Murphy says:

    Dear Pro-Life Friend:
    I am looking for someone to translate our web site from English into Filipino. There will be a sub-site totally dedicated to presenting God’s plan for life in your main native language. The teachings form a basis of truth to build the future. Can you help?
    Sincerely in Christ,
    Brian Murphy

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