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Reduced to Idiocy: Neo-Atheism Vs. Reason, Part II
















Just recently, after a series of serious accidents in EDSA, the MMDA decided to get the services of a priest and have the roads blessed. While there is nothing wrong with this act per se, our resident neo-atheists and their band of church-bashers decided to have a field day with this. Their utter aversion for anything Catholic or religious has shown their true colors once again. Take a look at this simple story, and read the comments of the readers below the story:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a priest bless the road, unless this is the only action the MMDA is going to do to curb the tide of accidents and road mishaps in EDSA. The blessing in EDSA wasn’t supposed to be the end, or the last thing needed to be done: however, it should be thought of as a beginning – a brand new start where we entrust to God all our human efforts to make the roads safer. Apparently, our neo-atheists, or neos as they are fondly called, object to this practice.

I now welcome you once more to the mind and universe of neo-atheism, where idiocy abounds and reason ends.

As I have always written before in past posts, these neos have a fondness for bashing the Catholic Church and insulting its clergy and laity. We have been called so many names, none more amusing than Catholic Taliban, or Katoliban, a term that suggests that we are nothing but backward-thinking religious zealots and partly, the refusal to ‘open the mind’ to new ideas. And when we say new ideas, these are nothing but false ideologies. It has always been their habit to insult the Church in every way, and they ravenously feed on every news bit about Church scandals or abuses or money laundering like flies to horse dung. Sometimes, if they don’t receive the news, they make the news themselves. Here’s an article that put a really terrible and pathetic spin on my Pro-Life article “Catholic Talibans”. In my article, I noted that it is perfectly alright to be called a Catholic Taliban if it meant we were saving innocent lives. Here was how they understood it:

Pro-life Philippines connected to Afghan Taliban

In a recent article by PRO-LIFE PHILIPPINES, the group admitted to being ‘connected’ to the Afghan Taliban. The Taliban were condemned internationally for their brutal repression of women.  In areas they controlled, the Taliban issued edicts which forbade women from being educated. Girls were forced to leave schools and colleges.

My goodness! These people would do everything to twist the truth! You just didn’t see such idiocy back in the day when people were more faithful to God and atheism was almost unheard of. Those who turn their backs on God turn their backs on light, and on truth, and so, in Henry David Thoreau’s words, they live lives of quiet desperation.

Who is your typical neo-atheist? In my experience in debating online with them, I can say that the average neo would be:

  • A young professional, but some start to heed the godless life as early as 14 or 15 years old.
  • A person who has read the books of renowned atheists like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, and not much more. The resulting imbalance of ideas in his head gives him a very dangerous impetus to reject religion.
  • A person who has read Hitchens, Dawkins, and other books as well, notably the bible, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This is an even more dangerous mind than the former, because he prides himself as knowing more about Catholicism than most Catholics do, and therefore gives him a feeling of intellectual superiority above others, including fellow atheists.
  • Someone who doesn’t believe in an absolute truth. Moral relativism is his code, and therefore makes it easier for him to support morally unacceptable bills like the RH bill and legislature that would benefit the LGBT community.
  • Someone who has all the time in the world to participate in online forums and lambast religion in every way possible.

These neos have no compunction in berating and insulting religion, and speaking of having all the time in the world, take a look at the heresy in their Facebook page:

Here are some pictures from that page:

Fapping, for those not in the know, is a new term for masturbation. Here’s another.

There’s more:

As I mentioned, these youngsters have all the time and creativity in the world for insulting religion.

The saddest part of all?

Whenever I show these pictures or even the site itself to supposedly faithful Catholics in my talks, the first reaction is always anger. It’s easy to be angry with such blasphemy. After all, the neos believe that blasphemy is a human right, and so they give us blasphemy. But the second reaction?

“Hindi kasi ako nagfe-facebook eh…”

“Hindi ako marunong gumamit ng facebook…”

“I am too old for this. Kayo na ang bahala…”

Talk about desertion! Just when your fellow Christian Soldiers need you most, you desert God’s army! No wonder these atheists are now clawing their way inside the Church! How can God fight for your soul at Judgment Day if you cannot fight for Him now?

(part 3: the conclusion, next week)




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