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An Open Letter to all RH Supporters

















Dear RH Supporters,

Peace be with you.

For quite some time now, we have disagreed on the RH law, the very same law that has caused division in our country. We write to you hoping that you will read this not only with an open mind, but with an open heart too, for deep down we are all Filipinos who all want the best for our country.

We write to you hoping that we clarify our position on the law, and shed some light on the reasons why we oppose it. This letter serves to correct some misconceptions against us pro-lifers who oppose RH. We write this with sincerity and goodwill, that we may all come to respect each other despite our disagreements about the RH law.

First of all, please know that we are also after health of women. Neither of us want women dead just so she can give birth to her child. We just happen to disagree that giving contraceptives to these women is the most ideal way of saving her from the complications that may arise from her pregnancy. We think that the best way of preventing maternal deaths is to build more birthing centers, train more doctors, nurses, and midwives, and to give these women the proper nutrition they need in order to have a healthy pregnancy, and that more funds should be allocated towards these goals rather than putting our money on contraceptives. There are also studies that link oral contraceptive use to breast cancer, and we hope that you can be honest enough to admit that fact, just as we can freely admit that oral contraceptives may prevent ovarian cancer. Even if oral contraceptives can prevent ovarian cancer, the risk to having breast cancer is still there. The International Agency for Research on Cancer clearly states that combined oral contraceptive pills are group 1 carcinogen, and it is sad that for a group like you who supposedly champions womens’ rights and health, you downplay the risks of the pill.

Second, we too respect everyone’s right to choose. The fact that the Catholic Church teaches against the use of contraceptives does not mean that there are priests and bishops guarding every health center, every convenience store, and every pharmacy to prevent the flock from purchasing contraceptives. The Church is a mother and a teacher, and this is why both the clergy and the laity choose to participate in social and political issues where the dignity of the person is at stake. At the end of the day, it is up to the person to practice use his free will, whether he chooses to use contraceptives or not. This is the same free will that was present even before the RH law has passed. A law cannot give the people something the people already have. In fact, people were able to purchase contraceptives without a doctor’s prescription prior to the RH law. That was how free people were to buy contraceptives.

Third, we are not against the poor, nor are we against progress. We recognize that you want to help the poor by giving them contraceptives. While we appreciate the thought that you sincerely want to help those who have no jobs, those who are hungry, and those without education by giving them contraceptives, we have to be honest and tell you that this is not the proper way to really help the poor. Give them contraceptives and at the end of the day they would still be left jobless, hungry and uneducated. It is logical therefore that we spend our limited funds towards education and jobs creation, two things that will truly empower the poor, and will certainly help us towards the path of progress. Spending money on contraceptives does not address the root causes of poverty.

We urge the Catholics among you to study your faith well. It hurts the Church for baptized Catholics to go against what she teaches. It hurts us that feminism and modernism has taken root in your heart more than Christ has. The Church’s teachings are difficult, and this is the reason why you should realize that this is the true Church that teaches true teachings, a reality that mirrors the cross. Take note that the while the world tries to avoid the cross – we as Catholics are born to carry it and embrace it.

Dear RH supporters, We ask you and dare you to respect and uphold life. It is so easy to distribute condoms and pills to the poor; it is much harder to help these poor have access to education and employment. Having quality of life does not mean we should undermine the right to life to begin with. Help us build this nation from the ground up and not exclude the poor and the weak. Help us help the poor achieve true empowerment and that they may rise from their poverty. When the poor rise from poverty, they can afford better healthcare, and maternal deaths automatically plummet.

We hope that this letter will be the start of constructive dialogue for both the pro RH supporters and the pro-life, anti RH crowd, and may peace, justice and the common good reign in our country.




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+Sr. Mary Pilar Verzosa, RGS

Foundress, Pro-life Phil. Fdn. Inc.

Sept.24, 1944-Sept.9, 2012


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