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When Women Don’t Want Babies



The usual excuse for allowing the government to distribute contraceptives is for the “quality of life” of women, especially the poor. It always has to be for the poor; it’s either they won’t admit that they also want to benefit from free contraceptives paid for by our taxes, or they’re intellectually dishonest (or foolish) to think that contraceptives would really help the poor. I don’t know about you, but I have yet to see someone become a millionaire from drinking all those pills.

We’re so poor our mommies need pills! – said no poor, hungry kid, ever

So aside from the fact that contraception for the poor does not alleviate poverty, what harm does it do? Isn’t this a personal decision that should be made by the woman?

There is a difference between letting women decided for themselves whether they want contraceptives or not, and crafting a law that “offers freedom” to women who want to use contraceptives (as if women were barred from using contraception prior to the RH law).

When women take contraceptives to delay the rearing of children, they form a habit of contraception, and a mentality of not wanting children. Their actions become their habits, and the collective habits of a society whose women practice contraception will lead to a contraceptive culture, and a significant drop in the total fertility rates. Simply put it, any demographer worth his salt knows that a society needs an average of 2.1 babies per woman in order to have a sustainable population. Anything below 2.1 and the population goes down as well. Imagine losing your people to some unknown plague that does kills not immediately, but persists from generation after generation.

Do we really want to follow their example?

Of course, one could always make the excuse that these countries are steeped in progress by this time because of the same birth control program that is being handed to us through the RH law. That excuse is itself problematic, first of all because we don’t really know whether the drop in population, as manifested by the drop in their society’s total fertility rate, or TFR, did cause their progress or not. Second, would anyone really do anything for progress’ sake, solving their economic and social problems by creating more problems? One can argue that we should let progress take its course, and worry about that problem later. I don’t know about that, since no country has ever gone from below 2.1 and recovered their population without resorting to immigrants. The country is then slowly choked to death, its people slowly eroding away, replaced by immigrants.

But I am getting ahead of myself. What problems do we create when we fail to create enough children, so to speak? Simplistically speaking, a drop in birth rates will cause dire consequences, especially affecting the workforce and social security, for starters.




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