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Teaching Teachers on Teen Sexuality Workshop, 2013
















Last May 23-25,  Prolife Philippines held its annual Teaching Teachers on Teen Sexuality Workshop at St. Joseph Retreat house, Sampaloc, Manila. This year we had 35 participants from different walks of life and different places in the country, some coming from as far as Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao. This seminar, started by the late Sr. Mary Pilar Verzosa,RGS  hopes to train teachers, parents, doctors, counselors, and those involved in the formation of the young, in proper counseling techniques and methods, and is especially geared towards the proper guidance of the young when it comes to teaching them on the issues about sanctity of life, human sexuality, fertility awareness, marriage and population  according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

On the morning of the first day, our speaker was Prolife Philippines Board Treasurer, Mrs. Rita Dayrit. Mrs. Dayrit, a graduate of psychology at the De La Salle university in 1981, and a proud mother to 5 and grandmother to two grandchildren, stressed the innate value of life through the activity called The Fallout Shelter.

Mrs. Rita Dayrit (right) listens to a question from the audience.

In the afternoon, Mrs. Chinka Sarmiento, a teacher at the College of the Holy Spirit and CFC FFL Work for Life Ministry – Head for Education, Formation and Resource Development, gave a talk on  fertility awareness and how to use this knowledge for better understanding of oneself on how the  systems of our body works naturally that helps to  improve the lives of the mother and the family as a whole. She also clarified some popular notions about fertility, reproduction, and women’s cycles, saying that while these opinions are prevalent, they may not be accurate at all.

A slide from Mrs. Sarmiento's presentation, explaining the emphasis on ovulation more than menstruation.


Mrs. Lorna Melegrito, Executive Director of Prolife Philippines, presents the plaque of appreciation to Mrs. Chinka Sarmiento.

The third speaker for that day was Mr. Ed Sorreta, Chairman of Prolife Philippines and a speaker for various groups and organizations. His talk centered on understanding teen-agers in every situation they are in. He gave very helpful pointers on what to do and how to deal with them on the issue about sex, what to say and what not to say to teen agers. He emphasized the need for counselors, teachers, and parents to keep an open line for communication and not to be judgmental to the young people who are naturally curious about their sexuality. He gave examples from real-life situations and shared with us his beautiful life story.

Mr. Ed Sorreta delivering a lecture on teaching sexuality to the youth

After a very thorough first day, the participants’ counseling skills were to be tested on the second day. This day we had as our speaker and trainer Mrs. Amparo de Guzman, a registered counselor with so many decades of experience in counseling both adults and the youth. The first part of the morning was spent in counseling techniques, and some input about the human mind and its complexities. The other half of the morning, until early in the afternoon, was spent on role playing, counseling sessions, with the participants ‘counseling’ each other using real-life cases (real names and identities withheld) that Mrs. de Guzman herself handled.

A very animated Mrs. Amparo de Guzman instructing the participants on the counseling activity

Participants do their best emulating the role of the counselor/ counselee activity

This long day ended with Mrs. Lorna Melegrito, executive director of Prolife Philippines, giving a short orientation on the book “Learning to Live and Love” written by Sr. Pilar Verzosa, RGS, Mrs. Filipina Ranada, and Mrs. Cynthia Alfonso. The book contains modules for teachers in order to teach the pro-life culture to the young. This talk was concluded with the viewing of the documentary “Blood Money”, a film exposing the agenda of Planned Parenthood to promote the contraceptive culture in order to push for abortion, and how the RH law closely resembles Planned Parenthood’s techniques.

The morning of the third and final day, the participants were treated to yet another eye-opener as Mr. Rolando Delos Reyes, President of Courage Philippines and Board Member of Pro-Life Philippines, gave a talk about the Sex Education with LGBT Agenda. He exposed the not-so-subtle influence of mass media to push the LGBT agenda, underlined  the person with same-sex attraction’s need for acceptance, and at the same time emphasized the necessity for change: “Hindi porket bakla ka, ay magpapakabakla ka na.” were his words challenging those with SSA like him to live a life of chastity and godliness.


Mr. Rollie Delos Reyes explains the homosexual agenda to a captive audience

Mr. Carlos Antonio Palad, a philosophy graduate from the University of the Philippines, and a member of Filipinos for Life and Defensores Fidei, next gave a talk on “Championing Catholic Values” and stressed the importance of standing out as Catholics by the way we live and learn our faith. He also pointed out that the times we have right now necessitate the active participation of the Catholic faithful in defending not only life, family, and marriage, but our faith as well.

“We need to realize that it is not the sword, but our faith, that helped our country unite as one nation. Therefore we must preserve and fight for this faith, at all costs.” - Carlos Antonio Palad

The last speaker was Mr. Wilfrido Arcilla, an advertising specialist and Vice President of Prolife Philippines. He talked about how to teach Catholic values despite the passing of the RH law. He gave the audience some insights about the pro-life movement, how to promote it to our young people, and how the advocacy can survive despite the RH law being implemented in our country.

“What we need is not RH, but HR - Human Resource!” - Willy Arcilla

Before the workshop ended, a video tribute was shown in memory of Sr. Mary Pilar Verzosa, RGS  to remember her for starting it all. Her tireless efforts and contribution for the prolife movement will never be forgotten.

The last message for the participants was for them to make a difference out of their students’ lives. On this note the seminar was concluded, with the participants raring to get back to their schools and communities to pass on the learning they imbibed during these three fruitful days.

Due to public demand, however, Prolife Philippines will be holding this annual event, Teaching Teachers on Teen Sexuality Workshop this October, making it a biannual event. 

 Pass the word, invite your friends and teachers, and we will see you in October! 




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