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Hard Truths
















By the morning of May 14, a day after the elections, there was only one thing in the minds of the Catholics:

“What happened to the Catholic Vote?”

As of this writing, the counting of the votes have not been finished yet, although it is quite inconceivable that our pro-life bets from the Ang Kapatiran will garner enough votes even to reach the top 20. There are six known anti-RH and six known pro-RH in the so-called magic 12. Risa Hontiveros, a staunch supporter of the RH law, is not on that list, at least. But the anti-life partylists are lording it over the pro-life ones, despite BUHAY claiming the top votes.

Let it be clear: it has been an honor working for the election of JC Delosreyes, Lito Yap David, and Marwil Llasos, and to help people realize that there are alternatives to the dirty politics and politicians we have today. But with limited means and meager funds, there’s only so much we can do to promote these gentlemen. It is a sad fact that the collective efforts of so many unnamed and unsung volunteers all toiling for the worthiest of causes – that is, to have the three elected to the Senate – were not enough to accomplish our goals.

But, really, what happened to the Catholic Vote?

There will be countless hours spent on evaluating and re-evaluating what had transpired in this election. There will be discussions and criticisms, to point out where we have gone wrong, and to be fair, what we had done right, no matter how grim this reality set upon us is playing. It is essential, however, that in these evaluations, that the truth, no matter how painful, should be tackled.

Some of these hard truths are:

  • The Power of the Catholic Vote comes from the lay, primarily. The lay, however waited for the parish priests to do something, and the parish priests waited for their bishops to say something. Everybody kept waiting while nothing was happening.
  • Any lay initiative, however, is empowered or deflated depending on the support, or non-support, of the bishop in their diocese. A vibrant diocese like Bacolod has active lay organizations supported by their bishop. On the other hand, there were many dioceses that promised to come up with their own Team Patay posters but failed to deliver on their promises. The result was broken momentum.
  • There has to be a better way of dividing up the votes between the dioceses in order to ascertain that there is an orderly and accountable fashion of calculating the votes for all the pro-life partylists. This way, even the smaller pro-life partylists who do not have the resources to do a proper campaign like the big ones are assured of votes – ergo, more seats in congress.
  • We have to start early. Until the idea of the Catholic Vote permeates in every person and in every Catholic, elections will still be a popularity contest, as proven by this year’s elections. Those who are to be candidates in 2016 should be seen on TV, print media, and social media, and heard on the radio starting tomorrow. Let them comment on every current issue. Let them get enough air time. Blog about them. Talk about them. By 2016 our candidates should be household names.
  • We are in serious need of a PR machine, one that would coordinate our interviews, activities, launchings, press releases, and events. Even our bishops need to be trained in the art and science of the interview, for one. Many of the spins and distorted media stories stem from poor interviews from clueless clergy and even laity. We need the services of a group who could revamp our image.

We have a long way to go as far as the Catholic Vote is concerned. The results this year are dismal and disappointing, but this is no reason to be disheartened.

To say that our efforts have been in vain, is a big mistake. The friend from Macau, our volunteers in Dagupan and Surigao Del Sur, the young voter from Rizal who made his own Ang Kapatiran and Ang Prolife Partylist because the tarps he got from us were stolen from his gate; the Carmelite nuns in Cebu who made their own campaign jingle in Cebuano for the three of them, the Kapanalig listeners of Radio Veritas and the numerous people who believed in the principles they so courageously fought for: Ang Kapatiran lives inside their hearts, and that flame will be passed on, never to be extinguished. Their efforts will not be for naught, for these people took a stand against dynasties, against corruption, against injustice, and against laws that undermine the dignity of the Filipino.

If we are to look for better results in 2016, we should start working now. Tomorrow begins today.



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7 Responses to “Hard Truths”
  1. ditas says:

    more than a “PR machine”, we need to get involved in education of the electorate, and in formation of conscience.

    • Bernie says:

      Educating the electorate is part of PR. And the electorate includes the youth who are bombarded everyday by secular values in their continuing interface with traditional and social media.

  2. richard says:

    kahit na manalo ang mga pro-rh…at mag pasa sila ng mga batas para sa pro-rh… its. their choice to do good or to do bad ang ating pwedeng gawin ay paalalahanan sila. sila ang mananagot pagdating ng panahon not in the law of man but in the law of God…. i salute to those whodo their best in order to fight for the life, their work makes a big credit to humanity… most catholic only by name but not by faith because they follow their own will not the church mandate.. yang ang kaibahan sa atin ng iba. but still we pray for them to be enlighten by the Holy Spirit to find the true the Pro-RH and The Anti-RH Supporter to see the lesson behind all these. we are bound to judge them but to help them to be open their heart. God Bless the pilipino people…and the Land of the Philippine.

  3. Jose III says:

    let us strengthen our networking and continue our mission to form conscience.

    • Bernie says:

      Yes, networking is important, and that includes the politicians who have been supportive of prolife advocacies, sticking out their necks despite getting repeatedly bashed by the pro-RH forces in traditional and most notably, social media. They must feel the solid and unwavering support of the prolifers, or else they might waver and be lured by the material attractions of the other side, as had happened in the RH bill voting last year.

  4. To be able to harness a national Catholic Vote, we need preparation, coordination and unity. In the Senatorial race we should have chosen the best three or bet six and support them wholeheartedly. We cannot support all 12 candidates as there are some in the neutral side of the pro life issue. Funding is indispensable, and the support of the bishops, too. The myth about the Ink and or sects controlling the outcome of the election must be disproved. Most important of all, we plan early. Let us not choose instant candidates without track record in the sincere support of the Pro Life mission. I am for the formation of a “catholic vote” in much the same way as I believe in God and in our Church. Don’t despair warriors of Life. The battle has just begun. Onward Christian soldiers! We shall overcome as Christ did.

  5. Bernie says:

    Let’s not get too pessimistic about the results. Six pro-life, anti-RH senatoriables did get into the Magic 12: Binay, Honasan, Trillanes, Pimentel, Villar, Ejercito. And aren’t we glad that Hontiveros didn’t make it despite a social media campaign to make her look beside Binay? And now there are 11 pro-life senators in the chamber which may spell the difference if the RH Law is to be repealed or if the divorce and same-sex marriage bills are to be tackled. Buhay has never the been the number one party list since its inception, and now it is. The pro-life machinery and the Catholic Vote have a long way to go, to be sure, but the seeds have been planted. Let’s nurture them.

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