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Protecting the Unborn

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Today, we celebrate the Day of the Unborn, which is also the feast of the Annunciation, the day when the angel Gabriel told Mary about God’s plans for her, and her part in salvation history. Nine months later, we celebrate with joy and a festive spirit the birth of our Lord into this world.

God had plans for Mary and her future child, but this is an event that is not exclusive to the Mother of God, nor is Jeremiah 1:5, which says “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,”  exclusive to future prophets. The truth is that God has already planned something for us even before all of us were born. As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said:

All of us were born as fathers, or mothers, or siblings, or dear friends to other people. In this way, we have enriched other people with our lives, especially because we were all born in the image and likeness of God. Imagine the lives of the people around us, had we not been born! There are no accidents, no mistakes. The circumstances of our conception, in our own frail understanding, may be called accidental, but every human life formed in the recesses of the mother’s womb was formed by God’s finger. Imagine, we bear God’s very own DNA in our own humanity!

The world, however, has turned its back on this reality, and have forgotten that we are all brothers and sisters who belong to one Father. Instead, they have looked upon the unborn as punishments, infants and children as mere ‘mouths to feed.’  They looked upon the poor, the destitute, the sick, and those with disabilities as lesser humans. Thus, the concepts of overpopulation and family planning came to be. All of a sudden, it became necessary, even vogue, to cut down the number of children, in the name of ‘sustainable development.’

In the name of development and choice, governments fund abortion for their citizens.

Planned Parenthood reported that in 2012 alone, they aborted babies at an unprecedent rate: 1 baby aborted every 90 seconds or so. Then came reports that China has aborted more than 300 milion babies since the inception of the one-child policy. Such barbaric ways have no place in this era of technology and civility, but sadly these practices happen day in and day out

In our country, there is no way that an abortion law would pass easily. Even our most pro-choice leaders would admit to such. It all starts with a very simple proposition: “you can choose to have children, or you can choose to not have children. The power is yours. Take the pill. There are no consequences, there are no effects. This pill, this piece of rubber, will give you the choice you never had.”

Of course, we all know that there ARE consequences to contraception, many of them severe, like demographic winter, in the bigger scale, and breast cancer, on the smaller scale. Flying in the face of their intended goal, contraception actually increases abortion rates. The next phase is for groups to clamor for the legalization of abortion, “to save women’s lives” from unsafe, illegal abortions. The logic is that we should legalize murder because there are far too many women who are victims because of the failure to legalize it.

Moreover, those groups who lobbied for the RH law are in fact themselves lobbying for the crafting of abortion laws in countries that do not have them. It is similar to playing chess, and these pro RH groups have positioned themselves for a checkmate. First, it’s the passage of the RH law, second is the abolition of all laws that will make abortion unconstitutional, all in the name of ‘choice’ and ‘protection of the woman.’

What makes abortion diabolical is not only the fact that abortion destroys human life that carries God’s image; it also destroys the innate plan that the child is supposed to carry out in his life. Every child aborted is a potential teacher who will inspire her students to be the best that they can be and set the world ablaze; or a doctor who saves lives, or a nurse who will comfort her patients in their time of pain; she could be a scientist, or an astronaut, or a painter whose art lets us marvel at the beauty of creation.

Or he could simply be a loving father, she, a loving mother. They, in turn, would be the start of generations of a God-fearing people who live their lives according to the teachings of Christ.

Abortion prevents all that from happening. An untimely end to what was supposed to be the beginning of life.

This is the reason why, on this day of the unborn, we look to ourselves, and ask one another: Have I done my part in promoting a culture of life? Have I stood defiant against this culture of death, whose shadow looms over our society?

On this day of the unborn, we urge everyone to be defenders of those who cannot defend themselves, to be the bastion of strength for those who are weak, and to fight for the right to live of those who cannot speak for this right.




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  1. JIN agUILAR says:

    Thanks for this mail. Yesterday is the Day of Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Day of the Unborn Babies. I missed the mass but was able to attend our Parish Lenten Retreat in the evening. It’s not yet late. I’ll forward this mail to my friends are are both pro and against the RH Law.

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