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Letter to the Incredible 79 Members of the House of Representative




To our dear 79 Congressmen & Congresswomen who Voted NO TO RH BILL,


“It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.”

When the House of Representatives voted on the 3rd and final reading of the RH Bill, there were 79,  out of the 104 who had originally voted against the bill on second reading, who were left standing. There they stood for the truth, for principles and values foreign to others,  despite all the pressures.  Men and women of character, wisdom, and courage in a moral and political environment gone hostile to all the virtues.  The epitome of the dreams and aspirations of our countrymen, the embodiment of vigilance against despotism and oppression, the paragons of courage and patriotism.

You were among the 79.  You, along with 78 others, gave more than due honor not only to  your title as our people’s representative but above all to our Christian and patriotic heritage. You showed our country and the world that despite all the seemingly insurmountable problems we face, there is still hope for the future after all. By your unwavering stand against the RH bill, you showed our people that we still have men and women in our midst who can  make this country what it deserves to be—–leaders who will do everything to defend human life and human dignity, truth and justice,  no matter the cost; who will put service and the common good above self or all other interests; who will not bow to any form of dictatorship or imperialism.

We come from different groups,  different backgrounds, and  different places. But we are all  Filipinos,  and we thank you from the depths of our hearts for showing the whole country and the world not only what a true Filipino is but above all what a true son or daughter of God is. In the darkest moment of our most recent history you shone like stars, soared like eagles and  roared like lions, courageous and indomitable in the face of evil. The nation owes you a debt of gratitude which it shall be our honor and pride to try to repay in every way we can.

With all our love and prayers.


Very sincerely yours






Permission to publish  granted by Catholic Philippines


79 Members of the House of Representatives

Who Voted NO TO RH BILL in the 3rd Reading


Cong. Fuentebella is a prolife congressman. He was not able to vote on the 3rd reading because he was the PRESIDING OFFICER that time.

CLICK THIS LINK TO READ CONGRESS JOURNAL page 8-12 and explanation of votes page 13-18 of Dec.17, 2012



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  1. Rovelyn Rebebes Berdos says:

    Thank you so much! Please continue the fight for us. May you and your generation be blessed.

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