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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Teaching Teachers on Teen Sexuality Workshop 2013


You are cordially invited to attend the May 2013

Pro-Life Training seminar entitled:


For teachers, counselors, catechists, parents, and lay leaders

Date: May 23-25, 2013 (Thursday to Saturday)

Time: 8:00 am to 5:00pm

Venue: St. Joseph Retreat House, Our Lady of Loreto Parish,

Manzanas St., Sampaloc Manila

Fee: P1, 500.00 (inclusive of snacks, meals, handouts and certificate)

This year’s training seminar aims to strengthen the ability of the participants to respond to the needs of today’s teen-agers with respect to issues on human sexuality, marriage, family planning and population education, according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. This year we include three topics that are necessary for us to be equipped and well informed. These are Sex Education w/ LGBT Agenda, Championing Catholic Values and How teachers, counselors, catechists, lay leaders & parents be able to teach Pro-Life Values despite the RH Law.

The modules are specifically designed for teachers, counselors, catechists, parents, lay leaders, and others who work or deal with adolescents.

Participants will be trained to implement the training modules on teen sexuality packaged in our manual entitled “LEARNING TO LIVE AND LOVE” and will be provided updated supplementary activity and reading materials.


1. Meaning and Value  of Life

(Mrs. Rita Dayrit, B.S. Psychology & Board Treasurer,Pro-Life Philippines )

2. Defending Life

(Mrs. Rita Dayrit, B.S. Psychology & Board Treasurer, Pro-Life Philippines )

3. Fertility Awarenes 

(Mrs. Francesca Isabelle Sarmiento, M.A in Education Major in Psychology & Trainor ,Program Developer: Fertility Awarenes & Chastity Education of Foundation for the Fullness & Integrity of Creation Inc.)

3. Understanding the Teen-Agers/ Situationer 

( Mr. Edgardo Sorreta, B.S. Industrial Management& Chairman of the Board, Pro-Life Philippines)

4. Basic Counseling 

(Mrs. Amparo De Guzman, MAEd Guidance and Counseling, RGC )

5.  Role Play on Counseling Cases  

(Mrs. Amparo De GuzmanMAEd Guidance and Counseling, RGC )

6.  Orientation on Module

7.  Sex Education with LGBT Agenda    

( Mr. Rolando Delos Reyes II, B.S. Education, Board Member, Pro-Life Philippines)

8. Championing Catholic Values 

( Mr. Carlos Antonio Palad, Apologist , Filipinos For Life )

9.    How Teachers, counselors, parents be able to teach Pro-Life Values despite the RH Law.                         

(Mr.  Wilfrido Arcilla, M. S. Industrial Economics & Vice – President, Pro-Life Philippines)          

For Provincial Participants who need to stay in accommodation:

St. Joseph Retreat House offers their services.

Php 250/day/person (non aircon)
Php 450/day/person (w/aircon).
They have 10 rooms w/bed that can accommodate 5 person/room.
They also have Big dorm 15-20 rooms w/no bed only foam.

Kindly make your reservations early if you want to avail the accommodations.

For reservations or for more info, please call Ellen at 733-7027.

You may also send us a telefax at 734-9425, a text through our mobile 0919-2337783, or email us at 





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3 Responses to “Teaching Teachers on Teen Sexuality Workshop 2013”
  1. Leonora Resurreccion says:

    Good day,

    I want to join the Teaching Teachers on Teens Sexuality Workshop on May 23- 25,2013… Where should i register? or should there be a reservation? I am from Marilao Bulacan… How can i pay for the seminar? my contact number is 0923 363 2315…Thank you so much…

  2. mitz48 says:

    me too i want to attend so that my knowledge be update.

    • cactusflower says:

      Hi Mitz. Please call Ms. Ellen 7337027 or text us 09192337783 for reservation. Thank you very much.

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