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Homily Delivered by Rev. Fr. Vicente Cajilig,OP During the Pro-Life Convention 2013

fr. vic


Pro-life 2013

Pius XII Catechetical Center,   Manila

February 17, 2013

 by. Rev. Fr. Vicente Cajilig, OP

The proclamation of the year of faith last October till next November has given us during this national assembly of workers for life and family a definite context. One element of this context is the passing and anti life law which has been challenged from many sectors.  The season of lent also give us a very specific period which calls for repentance and forgiveness.

The year of faith is the appropriate period to share about the proclamation of life.  Ours as this period is a profession of faith in the creator who is the author and the master of all things.  Remove the role of creator in creation and what we will have is pure evolutionism.  Ours however is a faith that in every life the hands of God have something to do.  He enters in the decision of two individuals, our parents, to come and live together as a family.  We call this the domestic Church.  In the prudence or the mistake of the two individuals come a family  style either nurtured by grace or destroyed by evil.  The good works and prudence of mother and father create an environment which whether one likes or not affect the siblings.

Our Father has given us his Son.  We call this incarnation.  Since that time the life of every man and woman who believe in the Son the savior of mankind from sin has been given a new dimension: the dimension of glory and eternity.  Everyone its destined to glory.  Everyone is destined to eternity.

In the life of the nation the hands of the believers have role to play.  Those hands can be ones uncommitted if society allows the violation of the gift of life.  The gift of life is nurtured in the context of domestic Church.  In it the mystery of God is contemplated.  In it unfolds the sustaining grace that leads to life.

The future of the life in this country depends on how we recognize  our disgrace due to law against life and favors the culture of death. Therefore together let us build a pro-life nation. A pro-death nation does not promise glory and eternity.  What leads us to this dream of glory is the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  For without his divine assistance we will be scattered.

The enemy is the force of evil trying to propagate itself using lies in media. Half lies are presented as truth.  Half truth is made absolute.  Relativism dominates the un-evangelized or poorly-evangelized mind and hearts of quasi-believers who profess they are Catholics but who never took seriously the moral truth and the saving doctrine contained the the rich documentation on family life and its role in a country or society.

The context of Lent allows us also to visit the reading of this Sunday.  The lesson is on the proclamation of faith in Jesus.  He or she believes in him has no cause of shame. His is the glory and honor.  And his glory and honor is given to the Father especially in the holy sacrifice of the mass.  In fact in his words he becomes so near to us.  When we confess our faith in him we profess we are children of God.  Jesus is not only in our lips; he is most specially dwelling in our hearts.

The account of temptation in the gospel reading helps us recall our daily temptations: the temptation to act us God; the temptation to tempt/test God Himself; and the most dangerous temptation which challenges the power of God with one’s mere human power.

The temptation of getting money from the ultra rich individual or country is here.  The temptation to use media in order to present quasi-good and quasi truth by continuous repetition and sweet suggestions from malicious hearts and ideologies; and the challenge to power seemingly from science but digressing from the natural process of nature.  Violate nature and it will fight back.

Yes, we recall our temptations: the ones we vanquished, the ones that overcame us, and the ones that hover time and again in our environment. It is good to be reminded that our mediator became human like us underwent and vanquished the disguises of the evil spirit.

Our prayer today is as well inspired by the first reading.  We recall the days of Moses: he reminded the people of the goodness and mercy of God.  His goodness is showing the giving of the land to Israel.  The children of Israel were liberated from Egypt and brought to places destined for the children of Abraham.  And his mercy never failed.  Despite the small and big failures of leaders and followers in the Jewish nation, God was always willing to understand.  And not only understand, he would forgive them.  For the love for his people is everlasting.

It is the sinfulness of us all, individual or societal, that we bring to the altar of God.  We ask for forgiveness. For we believe that the love of God for mistaken leaders and followers is everlasting.  May our Lenten practices of prayer, acts of charity, and mortification/fasting will win the heart of God so offended but pacified by the blood of Jesus poured out for mankind’s sin.

In the mass, we appeal for God’s mercy: Kyrie eleison.  In the mass we hear: do this in memory of me so that sin maybe forgiven. In the mass we address the lamb of God “who takes away the sins of the world.”  And in the mass takes place the celebration of the Acts of God to welcome all prodigal sons and daughters.

Yes, In our hands, we believe, depends the future of our dear motherland.



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