Pro Life Convention: The Future in Our Hands




February 17, Sunday, members and friends of Pro Life Philippines Foundation Inc. gathered at the Pope Pius XII Center at UN Avenue for the bi-annual Pro-Life Convention. The theme for this year’s convention is “A Prolife Nation: The Future in our Hands.” There were many familiar faces as well as new ones who attended this year’s convention. 

Eucharistic Celebration was officiated by Rev.Fr. Vicente Cajilig,OP, Spiritual Director of Pro-Life Philippines.

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 Pro-Life Philippines Chairman Ed Sorreta opened the convention by saying that we in a time full of trials and opportunities. “These are trying times because we do not have Sr. Pilar in our midst any longer; these are times of opportunity as well, because we are getting new members. These are trying times because RH has passed, but these are also times of opportunity because more and more Catholics and Pro Lifers are now beginning to awaken from a deep slumber and are ready to take action.”


 Mr. Eric Manalang, Pro-Life Philippines President on his keynote speech,  said,  ”  The most difficult lives are those of the real Catholics daily living out their faith and getting branded as KJ, old fashioned, not inclusive, judgemental,etc etc.but they are the nearest the gates of hell,fighting the devil, shielding and pulling back lost souls about to give up.”

Pro Life Executive Director Lorna Melegrito cited all the activities and projects done and participated by Pro Life Philippines for the past two years. It was worth noting that present in many of the pictures of the activities of Pro Life Philippines was Sr. Pilar, whose indomitable spirit lives with all of us to this day.


The meeting proceeded to the election of the new board members 2013-2015. The following have been elected:

1. Bp. Benny Abante

2. Mr. Willy Arcilla

3. Mr. Moises Cañete

4. Mrs.Rita Dayrit

5. Mr. Eric Manalang

6. Dr. Melissa Poblete

7. Mr. Ed Sorreta

8. Mr. Willie Villarama

9. Mrs. Fenny Tatad

10. Mr.Raul Nidoy

11. Atty. Hector Villacorta

12. Dr. Edna Monzon

13. Mr.Tony Kosca

14 . Mr.Ansel Beluso

15. Mr.Rollie Delos Reyes

The board met at once to elect new officers for Pro Life Philippines:

Chairman – Mr. Ed Sorreta

President – Mr. Eric Manalang

Vice President – Mr. Willy Arcilla

Treasurer – Mrs. Rita Dayrit

Secretary – Dr. Melissa Poblete

The convention ended with snacks, stories, and the discussing of plans for Pro LifePhilippines.

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