Members of the House of Representative who Voted NO TO RH BILL



CLICK THIS LINK TO READ CONGRESS JOURNAL page 8-12 and explanation of vote page 13-18, DEC.17,2012


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6 Responses to “Members of the House of Representative who Voted NO TO RH BILL”
  1. Alfie says:

    Gud day at maraming salamat sa pagpost ng mga pro-life representatives. Maitanong ko lang po kasi sa nakita ko before the representative of the Lone district of Southern Leyte is a pro-life, he was in the list of No to RH Bill, pero sa inilabas nyo na Members of the House of Representative who Voted NO TO RH BILL wala na po sila.

    • cactusflower says:

      Thank you for your comment. The Representative from Lone District of Southern Leyte Cong. Roger Mercado was not present during the third reading. He was not able to vote thats why he is not included in the 79 representative who voted NO to RH Bill.

  2. Mabuhay kayong lahat 70 people who voted ” NO ” for the RH BILL. You are the kind of leaders that our country need. We need you so much to govern our country.. With my utmost support and my family, relatives and freinds should we find your name in the senatorial candidate this coming election………GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  3. rodel says:

    Congratulations for your strong faith in God and for your respect in human life as a gift of God. karapatdapat kayong iboto uli.

  4. marivin says:

    To all of you, congratulations for your courage in defending the truth! We need people like you. May your tribe increase… Wishing you courage and strength as you continue to defend life, as you contine to defend the truth. God is with you!

    To our prolife lawmakers who were absent during the 3rd reading for some reason or another, I still thank you for being present during the 2nd reading. We hope you are still with us.

    Thanks, to all of you! God be praised for all the good things you have done, for us. God bless you and your family!

  5. john says:

    my vote will be with madam mitos magsaysay and jv ejercito this coming 2013 elections!!

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