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12-21-12: Why the World Didn’t End

Mourners grieve the senseless killings of innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary. Picture courtesy of

 Mourners grieve the senseless killings of innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary. Picture courtesy of


Having lived through so many prophecies that the world would end on such and such a date, none of us were really surprised when we first heard that according to the Mayans the world should meet its end today.Or at least we thought they said it will. But we woke up this morning and everything seemed to be fine. The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze blowing from the south, the birds were chirping, our dogs were chasing the cats who were chasing breakfast. It didn’t rain fire and brimstone nor did the Earth swallow us. Everything seems to be in perfect order.

That is, until you get to see the details.

A crazed gunman shot more than 20 kids and adults in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, USA. The whole world mourns. In local news, the RH Bill is passed by both the senate and congress as the president’s shadow looms over the legislative branch of our government. Just a few days later, congress announces that it will try to pass the divorce bill next.  By the way things are going I will not be surprised if our legislators try to pass other horrible bills like Same-Sex marriage bills, abortion, and euthanasia  These are indeed dark times for the world and for our country.

The Mayans may have gotten it wrong, but the world is indeed spiralling out of control, courtesy of men killing each other, families breaking apart, women being objectified and targeted for abuse and rape, homosexual unions that destroy mankind’s true purpose, the wanton murder of millions of innocent babies each year, man abusing fellow man by way of human trafficking. We have given God plenty of reasons for Him to end the world even way before 12-21-12. The question, therefore, isn’t “will the world end today at 12-21-12.”

The question is: for all the atrocities humankind has done for thousands of years, why are we still here?

Despite the darkness, however, there are flickers of light. They are heroes borne from adversity and strife. Men and women, all children of God, raging against the dying of the light. There’s the teacher, Vicky Soto, who shielded her students from the gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary, saving the lives of her students at the expense of her own. An act of heroism and courage in the face of death.

There are those who give up their lives just like Soto, but there are everyday heroes as well.

We have to salute our pro-life congressmen and senators whose values and principles cannot be bought; those who relentlessly attacked the bill in an effort to stop its passage. They are the proud and the few, and may God bless them and their families too. They went up against the dragon and won the spiritual battle.

There are the vigilant pro-lifers clad in red, always present at the Batasan and in the Senate especially during the last few days leading to infamous voting of the RH bill, where the President and his henchmen used both bribery (withholding of PDAF) and political pressure to convince the anti-RH bloc to vote either Yes or abstain. Our gallant pro-lifers were on stakeout duty everyday until its passage. Tired, sleepy, hungry, and cold, they did not falter in their duty to keep watch. Many of them braved the cold rain too, last August 4 when we peacefully rallied against the bill at the EDSA shrine.

There are those among us who do not compromise on the Truth and proclaim it on our Facebook walls, on Twitter, and more importantly, be living witnesses to the Truth with their daily lives. In the process they are mocked, chided, and derided for bearing witness to it. Our Lord Himself will be their consolation.

There are those among us who love their work but loves to go home to their families even more. These are the people whose very lives center around God and their families, willfully passing up on riches and wealth in the process. They recognize that their families are treasures from God himself, and they will be blessed for the rest of their lives.

There are those among us who, despite the temptations of the world, have remained true and steadfast to the teachings of the Catholic Church, who for them is both Mother and Teacher. They bear their cross ever single day. On most days, it is their being Catholic that is their cross.

They are heroes too. They are people who have dedicated their lives in living for others and for the truth. People who remained faithful and obedient to God and the Church the Son of God has instituted. These are the everyday faceless and nameless lot who do ordinary duties with extraordinary faith and fortitude.

God sees these living saints and everyday martyrs,  and holds back his anger.  The rest of of the world do not realize it, but they get to live another day because of God’s mercy, and with a little help from them who strive not for greatness, but for holiness. The light has pierced the darkness.

They, with God’s grace, are the reasons why the world goes on.


“I know that a lawmaker’s religious beliefs must not solely guide his vote.

But I will take the risk of allowing my final vote as a congressman to be shaped in part by the teachings of my Church, not because I believe that they are infallible, but because my final act should be in fidelity with what my Church stands for.

This is also an act of solidarity with my Church as it has come under attack as regressive, as archaic, and as antiquated.

But its past and its present belie this slander.

This is the Church that fought against tyranny, ousted a dictatorship, struggled against repression, and defended human rights.

This is the Church which continues to educate our young, heal our sick, shelter our homeless, and comfort our poor. 

This is a Church that treats people as the most important resource of a community. Unlike those pushing for this bill who treat them as liability.  Let us never forget that the most precious capital of all is HUMAN CAPITAL.

This is the Church whose teachings form our social glue, provide our moral anchor, and whose celebrations, including Christmas, strengthen our bond as a community.

So pray, tell me my friends, with this heritage and record how can I vote against it?”

–          Rep. Antonio Alvarez, explaining his NO vote for the RH bill

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4 Responses to “12-21-12: Why the World Didn’t End”
  1. dboncan says:

    God said; you screwed up my world, you crucified My Son
    and you expect to get off that easily? It’s not going to happen, Not a chance, heaven is still underpopulated!

  2. florserfran says:

    GOD forgive, man sometimes forgive, but NATURE won’t forgive. stop interfferring on the work of GOD! pregnancy is not an illness or a disease. we have FREEDOM but see to it that we must be RESPONSIBLE in every act we did. OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE PATRONESS OF THE PHILIPPINES SAVE OUR LAND, PROTECT THE UNBORN.

  3. marivin says:

    Christmas is about life, faith, hope and love… These are the best Christmas gifts we have recieved from God Himself! To our God Who is the Source of everything in us, we say thank You! Truly, we have the reason to rejoice for the gift of life, God has given us!

    To all of you who have the courage to defend life, ready to suffer and to die especially for the defenseless and for the unborn, you truly are worthy to be called a Christian…a follower of Christ!

    A Christian is ready to die in defense of the truth! The “end of the world” is not so much a pre-occupation for a Christian. What matters for a Christian is to give his life to others. This is what Christ showed us by becoming one of us, and this is the reason for celebrating Christmas: “God-is-with us!” Is there a reason to be afraid? Even if we hear of the end of the world, we can just hope in God’s mercy and deep in our heart we know, He is there and He continues to tell us: “Fear not…!”

    To our brave senators and congressmen who continue to defend life, and to our brothers and sisters who are not afraid to defend the truth, I believe you can spend Christmas with your dear ones in peace, for deep within you know, “God-is-with us!” A grace-filled Christmas and a blessed New Year 2013, to all!

  4. marivin says:

    Thanks to the author! Just want to express my thanks too, to the many faces behind LIFE!

    First of all, to our Almighty God, the Author of life, we say thank You!

    To our beloved bishops, priests, religious men and women, seminarians and members of the prolife organizations: the youth, the students, the young professionals, the midlifers, the elderly, who bore the heat of the sun and who have sacrificed a lot during those days of vigil, thank you for your presence…

    To our lawmakers who marched with our people in defense of life and to those who were with us, in defense of the truth, thank you for that heroic act! Your conviction and faith made me realize, there are still trustworthy legislators in our land. Hoping and praying, that your tribe may increase…Thank you for your openness to the Spirit, to God’s voice within you!

    To parents who have been good fathers and mothers to their children, thank for being true to your calling…

    God be praised for everything!

    Truly, it’s Christmas! We have the reason to celebrate Christ’s coming among us… We can truly say: “Merry Christmas” to all!

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