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RH Traitors


Yesterday, the Pro RH congressmen tried to push for the voting of the RH bill. There were more than 200 congressmen present, more than enough to call a quorum. The president made no effort to hide his support for the this bill as he called the congressmen for yet another  ‘lunch’ with him a few hours before session started. We all know how powerful the president’s influence can be when he calls his congressmen for lunch; it can be remembered that on August 6 he did the same thing and the House of Representatives caught everyone by surprise by having the voting for the end of debates moved on that day itself instead of the 7th. Yesterday, reminiscent of the August 6 vote, the President did it again, and as with August 6: a monumental natural catastrophe is headed this way, and the devastation will once again be in the millions and billions

Pro-lifers in full force against the RH Bill

Whether the natural calamities following the president’s effort to pass the RH Bill were purely coincidential or really the writing on the wall, the country’s worst disaster isn’t from God nor Mother Nature:  it’s that we have elected self-serving thieves and total buffoons in Congress.

The RH bill has always been a wrong priority from the start. For a country whose funds are limited, the logic should be simple: let’s put our money where it can truly help in alleviating poverty and creating jobs to usher in progress. A progressive country can always handle the need for healthcare, especially women’s health, and where maternal mortality is rare. This idea is so simple, it behooves us why RH pushers miss this point entirely.

When congressmen are pushing for a bill that will spend billions in contraceptives when other government agencies don’t even receive a portion of that amount, it’s clear that the leaders we voted for don’t think clearly.

Amid the hunger and poverty that their constituents are mired in, the solution these RH pushers propose is to give the poor contraceptives that will neither feed them nor send their kids to school.

And now that there is storm looming and disaster is sure to happen, we would rather see the congressmen go back to their constituents and help those in need back in their own turf; instead, they will stay in Batasan (aptly called Gatasan by our friend Jc delos Reyes) and try to railroad RH.

In a nutshell, the RH bill and its authors represent what is so wrong with Philippine Politics nowadays: a propensity towards the absurd and unexplainable, and a serious lack of sense of priority. Look at the other bills that are rotting in the doldrums: the anti-dynasty bill, and the freedom of information bill. These bills are supposed to propel the country forward by going hard against corruption. Instead, our solons and our senators try to railroad the RH bill and shelve the two bills. On the other hand, just a few months ago, the ineptness of our legislative body was exposed with the haphazardly-passed Cybercrime law. Even some senators and congressmen confessed they haven’t read the law when it was still pending as a bill! The whole country was thrown into confusion and anger and it took a TRO to stop the madness.

A week ago the emphasis of our Catholic Bishops was for a Catholic Vote, which means that we shouldn’t be voting on any candidate who supports the RH bill. This is, in essence, a vote against buffoons who are clueless on what his countrymen truly need, and a vote against thieves who place their interests over and above the welfare of our country.

In short, please do not vote for traitors. 



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10 Responses to “RH Traitors”
  1. Jobs Jolbitado says:

    can we have a list of Pro-RH Congressmen & Senators?

  2. isidro c. valencia says:

    I think after the storm, the Catholic Church should question the constitutionality of RH Law (if signed by the President).before the Supreme Court.

    Then, the magic of Cardinal Tagle’s scepter should be waved and all proLife Catholics should go to Supreme Court. We should boycott pro RH newspaper, companies and products that support RH bill and should not vote those politicians who voted for the passage of RH bill.

    Let us show to these traitors our Catholic Votes.

  3. Densio from Massachusetts says:

    Who are they? Please name them….

    • ajuperez says:

      we will come up with that list in a few days. thanks! you can also google the HB 4244 document and on the first page you will find the authors of the RH bill.

  4. Jean says:

    Who are the other congressman RH advocates?

  5. sonyV says:

    Please somebody provide a list of all candidates running that are pro-RH. Let’s campaign against them

  6. marivin says:

    We are inviting all prolifers to come and support our prolife congressmen with our prayer and presence in the Congress, especially today and tomorrow. Let us go and know who are pro-God, prolife and those who are defending the truth. You will know who among our lawmakers are prolife if you are there.

    Those who are not, are the Pro-RH and should not be in your list of candidates. The future of our country is in our hands… May we continue to be on the side of God and of our people… God bless the Philippines!

  7. marivin says:

    I was there in the Congress for three days. With the prayers of our brothers and sisters who are behind us, I believe that we are victorious, although, seemingly, we lost… Many things happened that, we cannot but thank God for the good people who tried their best to defend life and to defend the truth!

    Thanks to our Prolife Congressmen who stood by the truth, in defense of life amidst rejection, threats, etc. You truly are great! I’d like to thank our lawmakeers who stood and said “yes” to life and to God! More than 80 of them (according to my counting, 81 congressmen) stood for God and for our people, those who fought till the end, amidst threats and seeming confusion during the the votation of amendments and during the nominal voting of the Bill.

    More and more I realized how precious is my vote. It will determine the future of our nation… of our people! If you were there, you’ll know who really is for the good of our people, of our nation! Vote wisely! Let us help our brothers and sisters who have not realized ho precious is their vote! Let us vote for candidates who are pro-God, for pro-people… prolife!

    Thank you so much for being with us in spirit and in prayer in this critical times, of our history as a people! Those who were there, thank you! We are victorious, with God! Let’s continue to stand, with our people! God is with us!

  8. marivin says:

    Once again, thanks to our Congressmen and Senators who continued to defend life, who continued to defend the truth…amidst seeming defeat! God is with you!

    We are one with you in spirit and in prayer.

  9. Tony Israel says:

    RH passers should be excommunicated.

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