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Awakening a Sleeping Giant


Pro RH politicians have been scoffing at the idea that the Catholic Church can have a vote and therefore have immense influence on the outcome of the next elections in 2013. RH Bill author Edcel Lagman says that “the so-called “Catholic vote” is actually for the passage of the bill, citing the October 16, 2008 survey of the Social Weather Stations, which showed that 71% of Catholics are for the bill.

It is beyond us why Congressman Lagman uses a 4-year old survey that was terribly skewed for the RH cause, but knowing that this is not the first time they used outdated statistics (11 mothers dying a day is one such example) we are not really surprised.

At the end of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said that “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” The historical accuracy of this quote may be in question, but this is as accurate as it gets in the case of Catholics who by now have been pushed back to the wall by the insolence of the congressmen and senators pushing the RH bill.

The so-called substitute RH Bill has passed in congress and senate is working on amendments as of late. These crucial times have forced the hands of our pastors the bishops to show the ace up their sleeve: the Catholic Vote.  

The Catholic Vote is necessary because we Catholics have been pushed back and pushed around enough. The government asks us to accept the RH bill, which is to accept something that is against our very faith. This is unacceptable. In the process they use lies and deception in order to make the RH bill more acceptable and palatable. Those who do not know how deep the rabbit hole goes are swept away by rhetoric and empty words promising “women’s rights to contraception” and “quality of life”, even twisting the truth so far as to say that they who promote RH are the real pro-lifers. Everything they have done so far is an insult to the intelligence of those who know the truth: 12 senators not knowing when life begins (whereas any high school student can answer this), RH proponents calling cancerous contraceptives pro-women, Senator Sotto showing a video where an RH advocate admitting that being pro-woman means having access to abortionists, then the RH camp hitting back with plagiarism charges.

The RH campaign is an assault to reason and threatens to sweep aside our culture and values in the name of women’s healthcare. Catholics who love their faith must now stand up and protect these values by going all out for a Catholic Vote.

Just a few months ago, Pro Life Philippines conducted a signature campaign against the RH bill. The campaign reached schools, parishes, offices, communities, and organizations, and the signatures both local and from abroad totaled in the hundreds of thousands. Surprisingly, in Cong. Lagman’s Sorsogon, there were more than 4 thousand signatures. The signature campaign was held from the nearby cities in Manila to the cities in Visayas and Mindanao as well as the provinces and other countries outside of Asia. There was a rather limited time to gather all the signatures, and we believe that had there been more time, more people would have signed up.

The signature campaign against the RH Bill is still ongoing and we encourage all to keep gathering signatures from your communities, organizations, parishes, schools and offices. As of this time, we were able to gathered 300,000 plus signatures opposing the RH Bill.

Details about the Signature Campaign can be found in this link:

















This, we believe is an early indication of a Catholic Vote. The group Filipinos for Life had committed to come up with a list of those seeking re-election and are supporting the RH bill, and disseminate the list to netizens in social media as well as through more traditional means like flyers and posters.

Friends, this Catholic Vote is very crucial. Never before has our future, and our children’s future, relied so much on the impact of the Catholic Vote. We must have a vote as one Church because this would be speaking in the only language that our legislators know: the language of the vote. 




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5 Responses to “Awakening a Sleeping Giant”
  1. Magna says:

    My family and I would like to sign against the RH Bill too. Where do we go to sign? Do you have it in the parishes in Metro Manila? I am very concerned that the “substitute” RH Bill was passed in Congress and is now in senate. I think that was really sneaky of those pro-rh congressmen. Some people in media – (radio, tv and print) are also in connivance with them- that is why we who are protesting against it do not get the same coverage as those who are pro RH. Anyway as someone (was it Churchill?) once said: the reason evil triumphs is because good men do nothing… let us then do everything we can to prevent this life-threatening bill from being passed. There can be no more fence-sitting this time – we must all take a stand!

  2. marivin says:

    “God is with us!” This is the good news about our faith. But it seems, many have forgotten about this reality. Many would like to run away away and to reject this truth, many are confused, It’s sad to know that many of our brothers and sisters are afraid to stand for the truth. But God Himself Who is the source of all Truth is always there, to show us the Way to Him.
    One of the truths that is not acceptable to some, is that “God is the Giver and Source of all life.” He alone has the power over this precious gift… Why can they not acept this reality? Is there other power behind…?
    More than ever, we are asked to stand for the truth! Let us all pray for the strength and courage of those who continue to defend the truth…of those who continue to defend life!
    Courage to all of you, who are pro-lifers! Together, let us continue to defend life, amidst threats and difficulties!
    Truly, God is with us….

  3. If all the catholic church’s organizations, eg; MYC, CFC, music ministry and others will be topped by each parishes to campaign against those who are pro RH, this will become sooo successful. Ang problema lang nakikita ko, e kung naiintindahan ba ng isang katoliko kung bakit linalabanan natin ang RH- bill. Problema din ng mga pro RH ‘yun, dahil ang dami-daming sumusuporta din sa kanila, pero hindi naiintindihan kung ano ba talaga ang RH bill. Pero pag napaliwanagan naman, nagbabago na ang stand tungkol dito. Hindi kasi enough ang pag po-post lang sa mga social sites, dahil marami ding tamad magbasa.
    In my own little way, I try to educate those around me, share and tag friends on FB, the evil of RH if passed into law, and why do we have to vote and put into public office those who are pro-life.
    I believed the Catholic Church, really has to work overtime in explaining to its members why we are against it because it seems tayo na lang ang nag-iisang malaking factor na nakikipaglaban dito.
    Let’s make one BOLD step and make it known that indeed, we are catholic, , we are the majority and we can translate it into vote!

  4. isidro c. valencia says:


    NOW, RH is considered a big business by Filipino businessmen.
    “Business is intrinsically business” as defined in Karl Marx ‘s dialectical materialism. And so groups of big businessmen in the Philippines comprising the “dictatorship of the bourgeoisie” are run by the wealthy classes purely for their own benefit, in disguise of promoting RH Bill and to please President Benigno Aquino III. The tricks and greed of these half human businessmen misled our beloved President.

    Fr. James Farfaglia’s ‘Openness to life’ will provide us with a historical account of contraception:
    “Before 1930, every Christian denomination (Anglican or Church of England, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, Baptists, Dutch Reformed Church, Protestant Episcopalian, Methodist, Unitarian, Mormon (Latter Day Saints, The Salvation Army, Christian Scientist, Church of the Nazarene or Pentecostal Gospel, Holiness Church or Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Roman Catholic Church) agreed in their opposition to contraception and considered it intrinsically evil.

    In 1930, the Anglican Church, motivated by increasing social pressures, stated that contraception could be allowed in some circumstances. Shortly thereafter the Anglicans gave in, allowing contraception. Since then, all other Protestant denominations followed the example of the Church of England.”
    With the mass production of contraception materials by big business (manufacturers), they corrupted church leaders, so the Catholic Church is alone fighting this “intrinsically evil.” The BIG BUSINESS involved billions of dollars and pounds.

    War is not intrinsically evil if it is waged not for aggression but for national defense. Killing is not intrinsically evil if done as self defense.

    Contraception kills unborn babies and not safe for mother, science has proved it. RH promotes artificial contraception using pills and drugs which causes cancer and other physical infirmities. The World Health Organization warns:
    Birth Control Pills Cause Breast Cancer, click:
    Breast cancer number 1 cause of cancer deaths in RP,

    Today, the Catholic Church stands alone in opposition to contraception. However, even though the Catholic Church affirms that contraception is intrinsically evil, the majority of Catholics in America completely reject and ignore the Church’s teaching on procreation. This is because of the substantial budget of the Unites States of America and United Nations for media, research agencies, opinion editors and columnists who focused on moral values of the Americans.
    The Philippines is influenced by the United States by means of electronic communications. That is why we are always the laughing stock in the world because we mimic or copy even American mistakes, wrong values and even RH law. Catholic moral values in the Philippines are different from the Catholics in the United States.

    The United Nations Planned Parenthood has also earmarked a big budget for research and media agencies in the Philippines and is very successful in instilling in Filipino Catholics’ mind that 85% agreed to have RH Bill in the Philippines. Former Senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad had disproved and lambasted the methods and results of this kind of “deceptive research.” And even our legislators, bloggers, pseudo intellectuals, paid columnists, commentators, editors and even President Aquino were misled and deceived by this trick.

    Fr James added “The first cries for change within the Catholic Church came about in the late 1950’s and the early 1960’s with the availability of the birth control pill. In July of 1968, Pope Paul VI published an encyclical letter Humanae Vitae (On Human Life) which reaffirmed the constant teaching of the Catholic Church that artificial birth control is intrinsically evil.”

    Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical Spessalvi said “. .Marx thought that once the economy had been put to right, everything would automatically be put right. His real error is materialism: man, in fact, is not merely the product of economic conditions, and it is not possible to redeem him purely from the outside by creating a favorable economic environment.”

    In today’s world of materialism, the practice of religion including the practice of natural family planning method has been observed as co-existing with poverty while disregarding the real meaning of life. Sometimes some Catholics feel the non-importance of God’s teachings when they feel the primacy of economic well being.

    And so these businessmen’s errors are reflected on their intent to make big business out of RH. Contraception breeds corruption. Politicians who are Pro-RH are salivating for the 17B pesos budget.

    With 7.1% growth in the Philippines, it aint broke, so no need for RH. We give credit to our beloved President Benigno Aquino III. This figure is a result of his intelligent choice for our country’s economic managers. As a devout Catholic I am giving you a grade of 98%. Excellent.

    The good President should not turn his back against the Catholic values of his mother and father. Please turn your back on these big business otherwise Catholics would perceive “naambunan ka.” Of course, I personally believe the President is clean, immaculate clean and promote good governance.

    But BIG BROTHER and BIG BUSINESS are behind P-Noy’s back. He should be man enough to face the good, not the evil. During his execution, Rizal faced guns to prove he was not a traitor. During his incarceration, Ninoy Aquino faced Marcos to prove he was against Martial Law.


    I believe there is a “Catholic Vote”, it is a sleeping giant. There is really a “Catholic Vote” against those politicians who trampled on the Catholic Church doctrine: preserving life thru Natural Family Planning Method.

    Before the downfall of the dictator, INC and other religions were continuously supporting Marcos. Who were the people in EDSA in 1986? Majority were Catholics, praying, singing, giving flowers to pro Marcos soldiers, giving food to Enrile and rebel soldiers.

    I was there, crying for a miracle to happen, praying for no bloodshed and peaceful turnover of administration. What if Cardinal Sin did not call the people? This is a hypothetical question and my answer is hypothetical, too. “I doubt, if the people will go because they were cynical against Enrile et al, even Vatican, too. It was Cory who was the most favored and backed up by the Catholic Church.

    Mr. President, if you approved RH, the Catholic Church definitely would go to Supreme Court to prove that RH is unconstitutional because it will trample on Filipino morality and will support the killing of the unborn.

    Then, RH means “Ready to Heed” for impeachment.

    Don’t wait for the new cardinal to wave the magic of his scepter. That 7.1% economic growth rate is part of Karl Max’ dialectical materialism and is not enough to save our soul.

  5. rafaelclavel says:

    iboto natin 3 SENATORIAL Candidates na kapatiran. They are pro-life and pro catholic

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