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Flames of Love – Stories of Sin and Redemption

















A woman, seemingly bored with her married life and still hung up with the past. A family broken apart by infidelity. A girl keeping a dark secret. An OFW who has been away so long and comes home only to find a dirty and empty house. These are stories that happen in real life. These are also the stories in the upcoming film “Flames of Love.”

Written and co-directed by Maria Fatima (Baby) Nebrida -Ballesty, “Flames of Love” tags itself as a movie about stories of Filipinos whose decisions – or indecisions – affect their lives completely. In Flames, we watch the stories of the main characters unfold and we cannot help but be able to relate to their condition. It also helps that the movie features an all-star cast: Lani Mercado plays as a dermatologist and wife to Christopher de Leon,who is a good father and a loving husband, but early in the movie Lani seems to be unsettled, as if something was bothering her. Dina Bonnevie plays the wife of Ricky Davao; both separate because of the latter’s philandering ways, and Dina struggles with her son’s erratic behavior (Alvin Anson). Soon it is evident that Alvin, who has a deep hatred for his father for leaving them, has inherited his father’s possesiveness when it comes to women. When he is jilted by the woman he loves (Valerie Concepcion) he goes into a downward spiral and attempts to take his own life.  Valerie Concepion, though has good reason not to commit to Alvin – she tries to shield him from a dark secret which she thinks Alvin cannot accept.

The film is not only about the darkness and ugliness of sin but also the destruction to the lives it creates.Lani’s failure to provide closure to her past almost cost her her life and her family; Ricky Davao’s lust for women cost him his family and his health; Valerie’s dark secret alters her life forever when she finds out that she is pregnant, the father being practically anyone.

The most touching scene was when Jaclyn Jose came home to find her house empty and dirty. “Diyos ko, napabayaan ko na talaga ang pamilya ko…” she says. This is a scenario that breaks the heart of so many OFWs working abroad. They come home to realize how much they have missed out and that no amount of money could ever buy those days back. Also to look forward to was the scene where Valerie goes to a back-alley abortionist in Quiapo, where she sees the monument to the unborn.

While the movie is all about the destruction sin causes, it is also about the urgency of hope. At one scene, Jaclyn Jose cries out “kung yan ang naging bunga ng ating pagkakasala, gawin nating bunga ng pagbabago at pag-asa”.

Produced by Gold Barn Media and released through Solar Entertainment Corp., Flames of Love has a PG-13 rating,  showing on December 12, 2012 and is a must-watch for all Filipinos, regardless of religion. The film is a testament to Filipino and godly values that we all must uphold and the strength needed to overcome temptation. “But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.” (Genesis 4:7)


 Flames of Love – Official Movie Trailer 2012











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  1. Ludy Verdejo says:

    Why was this movie not promoted? We in the province never heard of this movie, only here in the internet. Sayang, this could be a very good material for promoting family and life. I hope we still get the chance to see this movie. If that happens, I will promote it in our radio program “Usapang Pamilya”.

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