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Reduced to Idiocy: Neo-Atheism Vs. Reason, Part I
















Have you ever tried to explain your faith, or your pro-life stand, and be called all sorts of names just because you believe in God? Congratulations, you have just met your typical neo-atheist.

Neo-atheism is the newest fad to hit many of our youngsters and young professionals today. They think they have life figured out, and religion in general, Catholicism in particular, are modern-day scourges that inflict mankind with idiocy for believing in a God whose existence cannot be proven. They think that by reading a few books written by Hitchens and Dawkins makes them true-blue atheists, and that by being atheists they are somehow cool, in-fashion, and smart.


Consider the following headline I got from a blog. It is supposed to tell us about the candidacy of Ang Prolife Partylist, but instead we got something very, very different:

The usual neo-atheist tactic is to reduce all your arguments to religious arguments, no matter how scientific or secular they are. If all his arguments fail, bash the Church, or the bishops, or the priests and call them pedophiles. He then sums it up by telling you, in a very crass and undignified manner, how you lack the intellectual capacity for debate and argumentation. Look at these threads I have taken from an affiliated Facebook page, the I Oppose the RH Bill page:

Look at how one of our friends even try to defend the good Archbishop by saying Bp. Tagle knows 5 languages and would hardly qualify as “bobo.” Our neo-atheist, however, is quick to insist in her own brand of logic: Basta anti-RH = bobo!”

Very intelligent argument indeed.

But wait, that’s not all.















Here, it was clear that we presented our arguments in a scientific manner. No mention of God, nor religion, nothing. Instead, we were reduced to being called idiots who “live in the stone ages”.

We should be up in arms against this kind of militant atheism. But why is it that comment boxes are filled with hatred for the Church? More importantly, why are comment boxes so devoid of good Catholics who would stand up for the Church and stand up for the truth?

It is quite frustrating that we have been beaten to the punch to evangelize and make the internet and the forums a little bit more Christian and have let the godless lot lord over the conversations and threads. In the sphere of public opinion, therefore, we have already lost by default just because we don’t have enough who would stand up to these bullies and participate in the exchanges. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

When neo-atheists scoff at our arguments and downplay them as mere religious, faith-based and therefore intellectually-devoid reasoning, they are actually displaying their own ignorance. Take for example, the author of the blog above. He makes use of the phrase “Dark Ages” in order to insinuate that the Ang Prolife partylist, and by extension, the pro-life advocacy itself backed by the Catholic Church, is a throwback to ancient times when people were ignorant. How many lives have Pro-Life saved since its inception in the 70s? On the other hand, how many lives has this author saved? In his blog, he also berates the partylist’s crusade against homosexuality, among others. He somehow thinks that homosexuality is being hip and in. He couldn’t be any more mistaken. Homosexuality goes back to Sodom and Gomorrah.

More on neo-atheism on the next issue.


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2 Responses to “Reduced to Idiocy: Neo-Atheism Vs. Reason, Part I”
  1. cactusflower says:

    dominador chipeco

    “Argumentum ad hominem” or arguing against the person instead of issues is a common tactic employed by people who have lost their reason and capitulated to the factual arguments of their opponents. In an effort to salvage their pride and cover their embarrassment, these people resort to name calling and ridiculing their opponents even at the risk of making themselves look silly. I think these are the kind of people one would not like to waste their time on in a debate or social networks because in the course of time sensible and objective arguments tend to inflate the egos of these neo-atheists on account of the undue attention given to them. Moreover, these people have pretty much made up their minds (or at least pretend to) in opposing our pro-life advocacy and no amount of persuasive factual arguments will make them change their position. They belong to a category of bigots. Our battle field instead is the minds and hearts of hundreds of Filipinos, young and old alike, who are genuinely seeking the truth in the convoluted issues of RH, same sex marriage, divorce, abortion, etc.. I like the way you have collected samples of “argumentum ad hominem” arguments raised against our factual and scientific arguments and let the increasing cyber audience decide who’s on the side of truth. But we need more air and television time (ex. Atty Jo Imbong’s recent appearance in a talk show which was a resounding success, and Lito David’s Radio Veritas radio hours) that will reach constituents whose simple and pure minds are preys to the malice and deception of our opponents. I agree with you that we do not seem to be doing enough in social networking which is free, but it will also be accurate to say that we will never be doing enough in a secular world that is set against God’s word. We’ll just have to keep prodding, pushing and in the words of St. Paul (2 Timothy 4), competing well, finishing the race and keeping the faith. I believe our efforts have been richly rewarded by God’s grace in the last 20 years, but a big open field still lies ahead. Your message is a timely wake up call.

  2. cactusflower says:

    Wed, June 27, 2012 4:27 pm

    Brother’s in Christ,

    We should have anticipated this sometime ago. I did.
    A friend has a one button e-mail list that is a little short of a hundred names.
    Whenever I would comment on passed email messages that are not along the line of our
    faith in Christ normally nobody comments back. Somebody in my office once friendly
    confronted me: “ikaw naman nag comment ka pa ng ganun”. Trace the submission and
    helplessness of the statement. There were times that somebody commented back. I did
    not reply back to oppose the reply, I believe I have made my point and clearly the
    reply is in the defensive side.

    Brother’s in Christ, let’s be forewarned and armed. The battle has begun. Be armed
    with the words of our Savior. If you are, a simple comment using the words of our
    Lord would send these people back to their seats and rethink their position. Read
    more the Bible.

    May GOD be with us in our battle and choose properly our battles ha. There are those
    battles for the Lord to do through our prayers and there those for ours.


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