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Prepare the Millstones, Part 3: The Battle Turns Personal
















We’ve talked extensively about the need to hand out millstones to those who deliberately cause scandal and misinformation to our Catholic brethren, and in the first two parts (read part 1 and part 2 here) we pointed out that the two big names out of that Jesuit school in Katipunan – a constitutionalist and a business tycoon who withdrew his support to the said school – have erred greatly in their support for the RH bill, and are even more culpable for making written public statements of support for the RH bill.

For this last part, our millstones go to the group Catholics for RH (C4RH) and Senator Miriam Santiago.

In a speech last 15 September 2012 at the UPCollegeofSocial Workand Development, at a program sponsored by the Catholics for Reproductive Health,Santiagocited eight reasons why Catholics support the RH Bill. These are:

  • The Church does not consider anti-RH teaching as infallible.
  • The Catholic enjoys freedom of conscience.
  • RH observes the “preferential option for the poor,” under liberation theology.
  • RH is part of today’s sense of the faithful, also known as sensus fidelium.
  • Surveys show Catholic support for RH is “a sign of the times.”
  • Since God is love, RH is proof of love for the poor and therefore is proof of love for God.
  • Anti-RH is cruelty to the poor.
  • The bill is over ten years old; it is cowardly to keep postponing the decision.

Obviously it would take too much time if we were to answer point by point. Let us discuss just some of them.

First, the Church’s teaching against contraception has always been infallible. From the scriptures to the early Church writers up until Humanae Vitae, contraception has always been taught as an intrinsic evil.


Second, being anti-RH is NOT cruelty to the poor. We would argue that it is the other way around – that enforcing an RH law would be anti-poor. We have always argued both in real life and in the realm of social media that there are so many factors that make a person poor, and that having too many children does not cause poverty. If you address the problem of having too many children without taking away the oppressive structure that keeps a person poor (oligarchy, the inequitable distribution of resources, lack of education), that person will remain poor despite having less children.

Therefore let us throw the gauntlet on the RH camp: let’s go to a poor community where both the pro RH and pro life camp set up their booths. The RH camp will distribute contraceptives, the pro life side will distribute food and job opportunities. People can only go to one booth. Which booth do you think will people flock to?

Third, since when does freedom of conscience come over and above Church teaching and the Magisterium? Simply put it: the person does have freedom of conscience, but there are those who follow their erring consciences and rely on their own interpretation of scripture and Church teaching. Many of them are now members of the different sects and Christian denominations numbering more than 10,000 in this country alone. That’s what happens when one chooses not to follow the teachings of Christ, now taught by the Bride of Christ, the Catholic Church.

Perhaps Senator Santiago should focus on legislation and not on theology? Don’t count on it.

Here’s the Catholics for RH’s interpretation of the Church hierarchy. Noticewe didn’t blot out the names involved, because these people have been using social media to push their agenda anyway.

Ms. Chua might be thinking that Vatican II was an excuse to change the infallible teachings of the Church, most especially on matters of contraception. No one can change those teachings because they are based on moral truths which are absolute and timeless.

If Ms. Chua says she is faithful to Christ then it should follow that she is also faithful to the Church Christ himself founded. For the life of us, we cannot imagine how one can come face to face with God on judgment day, having lived a life ignoring the teachings of Christ’s Church, and still have the gall to tell our Lord that she has been faithful to Him. No, it simply won’t happen.

Ms. Chua opines that the Church hierarchy should facilitate our connection with God but they should not impose their teachings, or ‘intepretations’ on us. That’s just intellectual diarrhea right there! That kind of toilet theology should be put right where it belongs: in the toilet. It’s like saying:

“Dad, I want you to guide me in my life so that I make the right decisions, but don’t impose your parenthood on me. I will go home whenever I like, at which time I like. I will go out with so many different boys and have safe sex with them. I will go to school only when I feel like it. This is my life, not yours . I expect you to be a good guide though. “

This one’s for you, C4RH.

It’s so easy to point out the mistake of someone whom you do not know squat about. We’ve been commenting about Fr. Bernas, MVP, Miriam Santiago, and the C4RH people, and it’s easy to point out their mistakes. We do this so that people are not misled, and perhaps we can be God’s humble instrument for them to seek the truth.

However, when the one who errs is someone whom you care about – a family member, a good friend, a relative, even a parent or a son or a daughter – the battle turns personal.  The battle for the truth takes on a new perspective when the battle involves someone we love; it then becomes a battle for their souls.

We die a little whenever we see our  friends making misinformed and totally illogical statements against the Church and for the RH bill on their Facebook walls. There is so much work to be done, and sometimes we focus too much on reaching out to others and educating them while turning a blind eye on those who are closest to us. How often have we  seriously considered unfriending them at Facebook because the statements our friends make against the Church are just irritatingly inaccurate and false?

However, the answer is not in unfriending them, but to bring the truth to them. “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” (Mt. 10:16-22) We must do everything we can to lead others towards the light of truth, especially our friends.

We may be the only hope that they have.

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3 Responses to “Prepare the Millstones, Part 3: The Battle Turns Personal”
  1. jun chipeco says:

    I think it is no coincidence that Pope Benedict XVl has declared a Year of Faith. Authentic Catholics need to remember that our faith is a great gift from God which we never deserved but has been generously given. But it’s a gift that needs to be nurtured and shared. And it can only be nurtured in close communion with the Church that Christ established precisely because if left alone to ourselves and to our human frailties, that faith will suffocate and die. We must therefore reach out to our brothers in C4RH, Fr. Bernas, ADMU and de la Salle professors and Sen. Santiago whose collective faith is tottering perhaps due to intellectual pride or a stubborn refusal to acknowledge the ultimate teaching authority of the Catholic Church. We can not judge them but we are obligated to point out the errors of their ways and pray that in the end the Holy Spirit will restore their faith.

  2. I was able to attend the teleconference of C4RH in UP Tacloban. It was well funded. The organizers were from Manila w/ a UP Tac faculty as the contact person. Free T-shirts, ballpens, bags and catered food were given.

    No typhoon or storm was announced by PAG-ASA but classes were suspended up to college level due to very heavy rains that day and night before. In fact, a family was buried alive in Brgy Diit in Tacloban. Several houses were washed out. Still the scheduled event of C4RH went through. What with students required to attend by the said faculty member. On the Saturday before, that particular faculty member organized a walk for C4RH around Tacloban before 6 o’clock in the morning attended again by her students which didn’t even reach 20. As if for compliance purpose only and a documentation to show that an acitivity has been done. Take note of the C4RH picture published in the Phil Daily Inquirer with Sen Miriam Santiago in it. The picture was taken on the aerial angle. So few persons where there.

    My point is, C4RH exists only because of logistics.

  3. Mary Ann says:

    Sen. Miriam points out that the poor are no less than second class animals, mediocre that they just follow their instinct and what’s behind their legs, and that without RH they cannot survive they are stress to those in authority, where is proper education? where is the real concern here… RH is all about profit…
    no matter how intelligently she might present it still the facts is that “contraception and abortion are fruit of the same tree…” Pope John Paul II

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