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Prepare the Millstones, Part 2



Last week we discussed about the gravity of causing someone to sin. Better for a millstone to be cast upon his neck and be thrown into the sea. This may seem strong words from the Lord himself but He was merely emphasing that causing scandal was a grave matter. One example of this is the Jesuit priest Fr. Joaquin Bernas, whose outspoken support for the RH bill has undoubtedly caused many people confusion and perhaps led them to believe that contraceptive use is acceptable. He couldn’t have been more wrong, but he is not alone.

This week we focus on a certain MVP who has  gone on public to swear allegiance to the RH flag: businessman Manny Pangilinan who made waves last week by bidding adieu to Ateneo.

Tycoon Manny Pangilinan bailed out of Ateneo last week for several reasons, but the only reason we are discussing here is his disagreement with Ateneo’s anti-RH stand. It can be recalled that Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin, Ateneo’s university president, said in his statement supporting the Church’s official stand against the RH,

“Together with our leaders in the Catholic Church, the Ateneo de Manila University does not support the passage of House Bill No. 4244 (The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Bill).”

Overall the statement has the feel of paying lip service to the Church without really doing anything concrete in order to ensure that authentic Catholic teaching will be taught in Ateneo not just today, not just this year, but for all time. How will Fr. Villarin make sure that what these professors (almost 200 of them) teach do not run counter to Church teaching? It does not say in the statement, nor does it say that they will be penalized, sanctioned, or reprimanded in any way for going against Catholic teaching in a Catholic school no less. Oh the audacity of these professors! But we disgress, so let us go back to Pangilinan. This is part of what he said when he parted ways with Ateneo:

What profit does a man gain, if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?














“[The CBCP] should earn its rightful place in the national debating table by showing tangibly and significantly its concern for the poor and the corrupt, and sharing the burden with business and government the enormous task of nation-building – including the appropriate moral formation of our people and our leaders.”

Analyzing his statement, he is practically implying that: a. The Church has not done anything for the poor, nor moved a finger to fight corruption, b. therefore the Church has no business in discussing the RH matter with government leaders.

Mr. Pangilinan fails to understand several things and his statement proves that fact.

First of all, to discuss the RH matter is a matter of freedom of speech. A person’s freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution (article 3, section 4 of the Bill of Rights).  There is nothing in that particular provision that says you have to prove your worth before you can speak your mind, as what MVP is suggesting. That is the truth and reality of freedom of speech.

Second, he thinks that the Church has not shown any “tangible and significant” concern for the poor, much less fight corruption. Is he kidding? There are more than 50 Catholic charitable institutions in the country. How can he be so woefully unaware of Pondo ng Pinoy? Of Caritas Manila? Tuloy sa Don Bosco?

Did he not see how many Churches opened their doors for everyone who was cold, hungry, and without any shelter, regardless of their religious beliefs? Did he not know that these people were also fed, and that so many parishoners, seminarians, parents, even young students, ergo the WHOLE CHURCH, went out in full force in order to help their brothers and sisters in need?

Here are some photos, just in case he missed it.  (photos courtesy of The Pinoy Catholic blog)

A parish in Santolan, Pasig















Xavier School in Greenhills











Holy Family Parish, Quezon City



















Fr. Jojo Zerrudo sums it up very accurately:







MVP goes on to say…

“and sharing the burden with business and government the enormous task of nation-building – including the appropriate moral formation of our people and our leaders.”


What MVP is implying here is that the Church should give the people and their leaders the ‘appropriate’ moral formation. But he is against the Ateneo for siding with the Church who teaches against the RH Bill. Did he just contradict himself here?

Apparently not. Notice he inserted the word ‘appropriate.’

So to people like him, there are appropriate Church teachings, and inappropriate Church teachings. In his mind, it is okay for the clergy to use the pulpit to preach love of God and neighbor for ten to twelve short minutes every Sunday, but never okay when they preach against the RH bill in their homilies – which for them take the longest 12 minutes of their lives.

Sadly there are too many Catholics who think this way. They accept some of the more palatable teachings of Christ and the Church that He established; the more contentious ones, they reject. We are inclined to believe, although we are not casting any premature judgment here, that perhaps the reason why they are unable to accept the teaching is because they live lives that are in opposition to official Church teaching. Those who call themselves Catholics for RH are unable to accept the Church’s infallible teaching on contraception because they are pro-choicers themselves who are all for contraceptive use. While they are well within their freedom as citizens to use contraceptives and sing the praises of contraception, they shouldn’t be calling themselves Catholic if they reject Church teaching AND mislead others to reject it too.

Stay tuned for part 3 where we discuss more about Catholics for RH and the unsinkable Senator Miriam Santiago and her sinking theology.

Meanwhile, get the millstones ready.


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2 Responses to “Prepare the Millstones, Part 2”
  1. jin aguilar says:

    If MVP is flaunting his support for passage of RH bill, I think it is my moral obligation not to patronize his business. I just know that he own Sun and Smart. Anymore?

  2. Mary Ann says:

    It seems to me that he speak with authority with regards to church teaching.. who is he anyway?

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