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Prolife Crisis Intervention

pcs 1

The Pregnancy Counseling Services is a public service program of Pro-life Philippines: A non- stock, inter-faith, non-political organization working for the promotion of LIFE!


PCS gives free, confidential, directive and constructive counseling to anyone involved in a worrying pregnancy and for anyone disturbed or depressed after having, or causing someone else to have, an abortion.

A society that promotes promiscuity but condemns pregnancy outside of marriage gives rise to the demand for abortion, even in the Philippines where it is illegal. Any environment that accepts pornography, “ querida system “, homosexuality, or purely contraceptive mentality cannot be expected to be compassionate to pregnant women whether or not the pregnancy was planned.

There is therefore, a need for a public service that can offer friendly, positive, emotional, realistic and practical support to those women troubled by their pregnancy so that they will know that abortion is not the solution to their problematic situation.

Here in the Philippines, and abroad, ( New Zealand ), U.S.A., etc. pro-life counseling experience shows that 60-80% of women change their minds about abortion after talking it over with trained staff. This is opposite of the non-directive counseling given by the “ counselors “ in abortion clinics of Planned Parenthood offices where only 5% choose to give birth to their child.

PCS is the compassionate answer to the pro-life objective. Political action, lobby for Prolife laws and programs, education in school and media is not enough. We must be there when the women need us: The baby is not the only victim in abortion, the women also suffer. We can also include here the fathers, the families and even the abortionists. They all need to be reached out to if we want to stop abortion in our society.

The PCS Vision and Philosophy

Every human being has an inherent right to life and dignity. Therefore our aim is to assist anyone in need without any discrimination or prejudice. Our charity goes beyond the family or the clan. In helping others we begin to feel the graces in ourselves: That we have grown as persons in our faith, in our personality and in our own goals and vision in life. God cannot be outdone in His generosity. He promises a hundredfold to all those who help Him in His vineyard.

PCS is a work of God. Opposition will come in. The devil does not want souls snatched away from him. Our only defense is a right relationship with God. A strong prayer life, individually and collectively, is essential to the success of the PCS program.

Since 1990, our Pregnancy Counseling Centers have been the refuge of confused and troubled pregnant women who need someone to talk to about their problem.

Our Pregnancy Counseling Centers have served and counseled more or less 74,842 clients since inception.



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  1. Alicia G. Mendiola says:

    It shows that Pro-Life Advocates are not just talking…WE ACT AND HELP!!

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