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+Sr. Mary Pilar L. Verzosa, RGS: Founder of Pro-Life Philippines Fdn. Inc














Sr. Pilar was born on September 24, 1944, in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. At the time of her birth, the town of Vigan, Ilocos Sur, was occupied by the Japanese Imperial Forces. Sr. Pilar saw herself and each of seven siblings as a gift of God to her parents.

Sr. Pilar entered the Good Shepherd Convent in Quezon City as a postulant on July 1,1966.

She was educated in elementary and high school at St. Theresa’s College and finished on March 17, 1966,   her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, magna cum laude, from St. Paul College, Manila. The following month, she took the board exams for nurses.

She was already at the Novitiate in Los Angeles when the results of the board exams were released. She topped the board, she was told.  She shared that being topnotcher was not important to her anymore, what was foremost in her mind was the joy of following Jesus the Good Shepherd through religious life.

In writing her vocation story, she said,  “Although my parents would have wanted me to work a couple of years first after college, they did not object to my going to the Aspirancy Program.  I praise the Lord for their understanding and I am sure that it was their prayers that has sustained my vocation through the years.”

Sr. Pilar was given the religious name, Sr. Madeleine Marie. She returned to the Philippines in 1970 and was assigned in the residential program and nursery of Heart of Mary Villa until 1972.  It was actually an article read in a weekly magazine about Heart of Mary Villa, the RGS Home for Unwed Mothers, that led Pilar to inquire from Fr. James Reuter about the Good Shepherd Sisters.

She gained a special compassion for these girls and women in Heart of Mary Villa, a special charisma she developed into the pro-life mission. We marvel at the Pro-Life organization that she founded in 1975. Indefatigable, she reached out to families nationwide through her radio programs, TV appearances, books written and training programs she developed, she attributed that to the saving grace of the Good Shepherd that has reached out into schools, parishes, offices, factories, depressed communities and rural areas.

Challenges did come, in her commitment to serve the poor as a strong advocate of Pro-Life, Sr. Pilar, along with Sr. Zenaida Pineda, was charged with being an NPA commander responsible for the murder of several military informers in Lobo, Batangas, during the martial-law years. She was given conditional release and was confined within the convent walls, for her security and safety. Those were trying years for one who was very active in ministry, yet while in the convent, she gave sessions on health to novices, began encouraging the use of medicinal plants and concocted pito-pito. Sr. Pilar always found something worthwhile to do.

Recently she received compensation as testimony that, indeed, there were human-rights abuses during the martial-law years. The check, she said, she gave to Mr. Panaligan who was also unjustly detained then.

She always shared her gifts to the congregation. Sr. Pilar also shared her gifts to the local church by volunteering in the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’s Commission on Women and even Pondo ng Pinoy.

She had many friends in the congregation and had touched lives of hundreds of people, here and abroad. For us, Good Shepherd Sisters, we saw her as a beautiful, shining gift from God.

We thank Pilar for the gift of self to the congregation, “we pour our giftedness into the earth’s cup until the cup is full and overflowing.”

The final words of Sr. Pilar’s vocation story, written 10 years ago were: “God cannot be outdone in showering us with the promised hundredfold.  I am sure He will continue to outpour His love on me from day to day in pasture yet untrod.  I would like to dwell in His house forever.”

Go Pilar, faithful, true daughter of St. Mary Euphrasia. A woman of zeal, a woman of vision, a woman of great heart. Live your dream. Dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Sr. Pilar, the leading pro-life advocate and founder of Pro-Life in the Philippines passed away on

September 9, 2012. Excerpts from “ Tribute to Sr. M. Pilar Verzosa, RGS” By Sr. M. Patricia Perez, RGS.





>  Vocation Story of Sr. Pilar Verzosa, RGS      

> Tribute by Religious of Good Shepherd Sisters.

>  Tribute by Sr. M Patricia Perez     

 > Homily of Archbishop Antonio Luis Tagle

>   Tribute by Mr. Eric Manalang      

>  Tribute by Sr. Mary Tarcila Abano, RGS

>   Tribute by Mr. Edgardo Sorreta     

 >  Tribute by Ms. Marita Wasan

>   House Resolution No. 2766 of  House of Representative by Cong. Roilo Golez

> Tribute by Sen. Nene Pimentel Jr.

>   Tribute by Sen. Francisco “Kit” Tatad     

>  Tribute by Atty. Jo Imbong     

>  Tribute by Prof. Bernie Bagaman

>   Tribute by Heads UP (eMagazine for Faith, Family & Life)  Mr. Ado Paglinawan 

>  Tribute by HLI (Human Life International)     

>   Tribute by Fr. Anton C.T Pascual

>   Tribute by Fr. Roberto Reyes   

 >   Tribute by Mr. Xavy Padilla

>    Tribute Gene & Baby Nebrida -Ballesty

>   Tribute by Mr. Resty S. Odon

 >  Tribute by Engr. Edwin Casimero

>   Tribute by CBCP for Life     

>  Tribute by Fr. Abe P. Arganiosa

 Tribute by Fr. Sean Coyle     

>  Tribute by Anthony Perez

>   Tribute by Ms. Teresa Tunay     

>    Tribute by Mr. Peewee Zafra     

 >  Tribute by Veritas 846

>  Tribute by Michael L. Tan     

 >  Tribute by Filipino CRI

 >  Tribute by Atty. Jose Sison

>  Tribute by Association of Catholic Women Bloggers

> Tribute by Ms. Venus Rivera Salangsang





I just read the news of Sister Pilar’s passing.  Words cannot express how
deeply saddened I am.

I first met Sister Pilar 36 years ago when my husband and I were living in the Philippines as part of his work assignment with Westinghouse International.  We had filled out paperwork and were in the process of adopting a baby from Heart of Mary Villa in Malabon.  One Sunday morning in November of 1976 Sister Pilar appeared at the doorstep of our house, introduced herself, and told my husband and I that she wanted us to see a baby that was in the nursery at Heart of Mary. Oh, and yes, she “needed a ride back to the Villa”.

Well, the rest of the story is history!  We drove to Malabon and fell  in
love wiith that little baby at first sight! Thanks in large part to Sister Pilar,I have a beautiful daughter  Nicole. I can only say that Sister’s gift to us has brought us  immeasurable pride and happiness from the day she first became our  daughter.

Through the 36 years that have passed since our first meeting, Sister Pilar and I have remained in touch-via mail and the internet.  Our paths even crossed for a few days when she stayed at our house in New Jersey while on one of her visits to the United States.

For the past two years I have had the fondest hope and desire to see Sister
 Pilar again. I’ve written to her telling her that my daughter Nicole and her husband have begun paperwork to adopt a baby from the Philippines. Nicole has always stated that her way of saying “thank you” to Sister Pilar and Heart of Mary Villa  would be to  provide a little Filipina  with the same Catholic foundation, upbringing, and opportunities that she  was provided. I was hoping to travel to Manila with Nicole and her husband when they arrived there for the adoption.

I will still travel with them, God willing.  It is sad to think that Sister Pilar’s warm smile will not be there to greet us. In my heart though I know that Sister will be there watching over us and giving her blessing to our newest family member.

May Sister Pilar be with the angels in Paradise.  Her work here on  earth
has truly earned her  a place in Heaven.

Kathy Bernstein


Thank you very much, dearest Sr. Pilar, for being a blessing to us all.
We love you and continue to pray for your recovery, but may God’s will be done.
And may God reward you for giving your whole life to protect His gift of life.
May Mama Mary, on the eve of her birthday, keep you in her loving arms.
And finally, please forgive me for my failure to do more.

Our dear Sr. Pilar’s last words to Dr. Marita, which could just as well apply to all of us in the Pro-Life movement. Thank you, Sr. Pilar, for your leadership.

Please keep interceding for us

Willy Arcilla


Yes you might have lost a great founder and leader but you have gained a very powerful intercessor in heaven! I think the RH Bill will be shelved for good with her intercession! God bless Pro LifePhilippines! Let us continue to uphold life and the family!

Fr. Eligio Santos


To us who know the manner of Sr. Pilar’s life, the manner of her death  comes as no surprise.  She went on and on until, literally, shedropped.  I call that dying with your shoes on.  I treasure that quiet courage she has shown me, during all those times that  I learned  the rudiments of this advocacy like a child at her feet.  I shall continue to treasure her place in my personal growth.

Her life and her death tell us that  there is no joy like the “fighting finish.”  It is a finish that is reached  unmindful of pinpricks, fixations or dissentions, unmindful even of meager resources. In the latter case, like a loving mother of her spiritual brood in Prolife Philippines,  Sr. Pilar always found ways to sustain and continue all its good works. She was truly a good shepherdess!

Truly, a “fighting finish”  perfectly describes Sr. Pilar’s last Talk in Cavite. Her death tells us that in this advocacy, we ourselves should live with our shoes on, prepared and equipped spiritually at all times, for the campaign never ceases, for the enemy never sleeps.  This means that in Pro-life, we die standing up.

As a holy man once said, “Blessed is the one who lives so that death may find her spiritually, and even physically on her feet.”

Her passing then does not diminish us. On the contrary, it enriches each one of us. Let us embrace her legacy always.


Sister Pilar,

I had fond memories when I brought Fr. Richard Hogan, International Coordinator of the Priest for Life,
from our Marian Conference, 14 yrs ago to your Foundation in Malate.
Many thanks for all the years of shared collaboration with you in the mission field of the Lord!

“Blessed is that servant whom his master on his arrival finds doing so.”
                                                                                             (Mt 24:46)

Eternal rest, grant unto Sr. Pilar Verzosa RGS;

And let perpetual light shine upon her.

May she rest in peace. Amen. 

Bro. Ed Karganilla & Regina Pacis Mundi Catholic Renewal Community


My deepest condolence to the family of Sr Pilar, and to all who loved her and esteemed her work on behalf of life. We have lost a staunch warrior here on earth, while gaining a powerful intercessor in heaven. Our greatest tribute to her is to continue our fight for the culture of life, being inspired by her zeal and commitment. May the Lord forgive her her sins and bring her into everlasting life. Amen.

Frank Padilla


Please tell everybody my great admiration for Sister Pilar. She is moreover the grandniece of Bishop Alfredo Versoza, first Filipino bishop of Lipa. The blood of saints flows in her veins.I am sure Sister knows I pray for her specially before the Mediatrix” He ends by ” whisper to Sr.  Pilar my love and admiration”

Archbishop Ramon Arguelles


Fellow Pro-Lifers:

Can’t be with you in this final tribute to our dearest Sis. Pilar. I am inSingaporeto be with my daughter Jhoanna, a cancer victim, who will have another operation tomorrow. My daughter decided to keep her son rather than abort him when she was discovered to have ovarian cancer when she was 2 months pregnant. Your prayers saved their lives. We need your prayers again. Am sure Sis Pilar is watching over us. 

Ang tanging magagawa natin ngayon tayo ay inulila na ni Sis Pilar ay ituloy ang kaniyang pinaglalaban – save the unborn babies.

Willie Villarama


Thanks so much for the info.   Now we have another prolife advocate in heaven.  

Msgr. Pepe Quitorio


Thank you, Sister Pilar, for lighting the way through all these years in this great battle for life.

God in his unbelievable wisdom took you at this most crucial moment, so you can now be in all places at the same time, to bring your compassion and your love for life into the hearts of all men and women of our country.

Pray for us. With you as our intercessor, our confidence and commitment has grown severalfold, as we are assured of your wisdom and victorious strength for each our battles.

Raul Nidoy


May she rest in the loving embrace of the Lord of Life!

Bp. Francis de Leon


I am in the USA, Frank, but I know what has been happening. Thanks forur re-mail…

Fr Dave Clay..Good I met with Sr Pilar just before I left


We are very, very sad about the death of Sr Pilar. May she rest in peace. We are sure she will join prolife contingents in heaven to continue fighting for the dignity of human life and sacredness of the human family as they pray for the living. 

So long, Sr Pilar! We love you!

Love Naces 


Prayers for Sr. Pilar, friend and prophet, RIP. Prayers for and deep condolences to the Verzosa family in Vigan and to the RGS family. You have lost a member, but you have not lost her courageous and prophetic witness of human life, as an inviolable gift of God. This will be an enduring memory for all of us.

Abp. Orly B. Quevedo, O.M.I.


Truly, may she rest in peace. We commiserate with her family, her congregation and her fellow-workers in God’s vineyard.
She ardently followed The Good Shepherd by shepherding others.
 Dr. Tess Ramiro


We have gained another powerful intercessor in heaven

As I leave forRome, I pray that Sr. Pilar will now claim her reward in the company of all the angels and saints in heaven.

Ligaya Acosta


Our deepest sympathies to Sis.Pilar’s loved ones. We pray for comfort for them at this time.  Sis. Pilar will be missed.


Bagong Pag-asa


May she rest in the loving embrace of God. Thank you for all her advocacy and zest for life.

With Prayers,
Sr. Myla Luñoza , Dsfs




Rosalinda Valenzona



Delmark Cagatin


Thank you so much for the information.

Eternal repose grant unto her, Oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her! May she rest in peace!

We have included her in our mass just awhile ago.She could be our prayer partner in heaven for the success of our advocacy for the promotion of the dignity of Human Life.

God bless!

Bp. Ramon Villena

c/o Tess

Chancery of Bayombong


prayers for complete happiness with God. bp. ddg

Bp. Dinualdo Guiterez


Dear Fellow Prolifers

Will continue praying and offering daily mass for the soul of Sr. Pilar.

St.Francesde Sales Parish here atTucson,Arizonaare always praying

for all prolife mission.

God bless to all.


Yoly Aguinaldo


Ang buong tanggapan po ni Sen Sotto, Gayun din po si Sen Sotto ay
nagdadalamhati sa pagkawala ni Sis Pilar Versoza.

Admin of Senator Vicente Sotto


I have a tribute to Sister Pilar.  Paraphrasing St. Paul, She ran the course. She finished the race.

Atty. Dominador Chipeco

To some especially those whose lives have been touched in a major way by Sis Pilar, her life might have seemed too short, abruptly cut by a thief in the night that left a ton of unfinished business. I don’t look at it that way.. How old was Christ when He died on the Cross? At the prime of His manhood. Yes, He finished His mission of redemption but He left His disorganized Church in the hands of His terrified and yet to be empowered disciples. Some founders of religious orders passed on while in the midst of pressing on, pushing the frontiers of God’s kingdom on earth. Died too young? Too sudden? By human standards, yes. But when we do God’s work on earth as exemplified by Sis. Pilar, we continue to live from generation to generation as the seeds we sow in our lifetime bear fruits Sister Pilar Versoza lives. This is my faith. This is the faith of the Church.

Atty. Dominador Chipeco


I was actually lookig for the SIGNATURE SHEETS that is why I searched for the Pro-life Philippines FB Fun Page. But then all I was reading was about the death of Sr. Pilar whom I met (just once) in a talk on ABORTION about 19 years ago in Vigan.

It was really a shock for me. Though I was never directly involved in Pro-life Phils activities, I was one with those many who collected signatures to prevent an anti-Family proposed bill about a decade ago together with an NGO… still I am boldly expressing my stand as anti-RH / abortion or any anti-family proposed bills even if I am living abroad already. Behind my mind, it’s what Pro-life Phils is fighting for.

As an almost-aborted child and never-used-artificial-contraceptive wife, I am a living proof that abortion and RH Bill is not the answer to the country’s economic problems.

Now that Sr. Pilar has gone, I’m pretty sure that fight is stronger now, having her as an ally in heaven.

Rovelyn Rebebes Berdos


I was one of the very first who heard what happened to Sr. Pilar that Thursday, Sept. 6. Early that day,Dr. Marita Wasan and Sr. Pilar went to Dela Salle University to give talks to nurses, midwives and physical therapists. I was in constant contact with Dr. Maritz that day due to Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas’ activities for the National Laity Week (I am the National President and Dr. Maritz is the Vice President for the Ecclesiastical Province of Manila and the Chair of the National Laity Week Committee). Around 5:30pm, I got an urgent call from Dr. Maritz; she told me that Sr. Pilar suffered a stroke and was at the emergency ward; she requested for prayers. I immediately sent an urgent email to Pro-life Phils., narrated what happened, requested for prayers for Sr. Pilar and to contact her congregation to call up Dr. Maritz for the updates on the condition of Sr. Pilar. Around 10pm that day, Dr. Maritz; called me up that she was on her way home and was already in the Taguig area. She said that Sr. Pilar was at ICU and Good Shepherd nuns were with her. I really cannot believe it. Sr. Pilar was so full of life, now she was lying helplessly at the ICU. Dr. Maritz gave me updates on Sr. Pilar every now and then. The following day, Saturday, Dr. Martiz told me that Sr. Pilar only had 5% chance; that evening at our Veritas radio program Hello Father 911, we, the lay co-hosts and priests anchors, prayed for miracle to save Sr. Pilar. Early Sunday morning, Dr. Maritz sent text that Sr. Pilar passed away at 4:44am. I offered Mass and prayers for the eternal repose of her soul. Sr. Pilar, we may have known each other only for a short period of time, but those few moments we saw and met I will always treasure in my memory. Sr. Pilar, God bless and God speed. We will miss you!

Atty. Aurora A. Santiago


Sr. Mary Pilar gave all that she had to stop the RH bill. As in Christ’s death; darkness covered the earth but only for a short while. The pro-life advocates will find new strength as Sr. Pilar is now with Christ in heaven!

Thank you Sr. Mary Pilar! We continue to stand for life!

Sr. Athens, fsp


2 weeks ago I just read Sr. Pilar’s vocation story in their website. Also read some of her articles in the newspaper. Last night, a friend of my working at RGS Baguio texted if I know that Sr. Pilar died already. I was shocked! I’m sure I would be there in her funeral, I had known. I met Sr. Pilar in person just twice, but even before that I knew her already through her articles about love, life, inner healing, care for the abused women and the like as I was then searching ways to experience healing from my own traumas. I was privileged to meet her for the time when we launched a health program for pregnant & lactating mothers in a parish I served as a lay missionary, she was one of the guests of honor. Sr. Pilar’s life & her advocacies will always have great impact in my life, now that I’m married and a hopeful parent. Sr. Pilar, now that ur in heaven with our Creator, intercede for my family, for all of us and for our country in upholding the dignity of life, marriage & family.



I am deeply saddened by the death of Sister Pilar--a great woman
who lived her Faith by defending the sanctity of life and teaching
us how to. With my family, we wish to express our deepest condolences
to her friends and staff of Pro-Life Philippines.
Though I've met her a few times during my younger days of undergoing
training in teen sexuality, and teaching this under the subject 
'Teenstar' in the School of the Holy Spirit, her teaching modules 
have left a tremendous influence on my students, the faculty,
 the school community, my family, and myself most especially.  
Looking back, I could recall how insistently strong a woman she was.
 Her conviction on the preservation and respect for life was so 
intense that when I presented the idea of castration as a punishment
 for men whose crime is rape, she (to my surprise) set me aside from
 the crowd to explain why this should NOT be. I suppose Sister Pilar
 knew I  was not fully convinced then. And everytime I would meet her
 during Pro-Life conferences/training programs, she'd say, "I know 
you!"  Today, I am sure she is smiling down at me saying, 'I told 
you so". You see at present, I support my husband who serves in the 
CFC-FFL Prison Ministry, Where most of the heinous crimes committed 
are related to rape. 
I will miss the birthday cards Sister Pilar sends us each, every 
year. I will miss her articles. And as I miss everything about her,
tell her in your prayers...thank you for teaching us the value of 
the GOD'S GIFT OF LIFE. I will also in mine. 
May she continue to intercede for us all. 
Thank you and God bless.
 Imelda R. Victoria
Quiapo Church wishes to thank Sr. Pilar Versoza, RGS for her support
and great contributions to our campaign against the cytotec trade as
well as for the strengthening of our Family Life Ministry and 
Counseling for Women. Her quiet involvement at the background has 
moved the parishioners and devotees to become pro life advocates. 
Her talks and presence during our formations and advocacies has been 
a moving spirit which encouraged more to participate and fight for 
life.  May Sr. Pilar be blessed by Our Lord, the Good Shepherd, for 
all what she has done for His Flock! Thank you Sr. Pil!
 Msgr. Clem Ignacio
Rector/Parish Priest
Quiapo Church






By: Mel Robles (Read by Agoy Descallar)

Haligi ka ng lipunang
Binabayo ng habagat
Matibay na sandigang
Walang tinag o lamat

Sa pasimula pa lamang
Nagiisa kang lumalaban
Sa pwersa ng  dayuhang
Naglalako ng kamatayan

Dala ng iyong kagitingan
Maraming mga mata ang namulat
At kami’y nahawaan
Ng adhikaing iyong pinakalat

Ipinaglaban mo ang buhay
Hanggang sa huling hininga
Di pansin ang batikos at latay
Makamit lamang ang tagumpay

Bagamat kami’y iniwan
Sa gitna ng digmaan
Makakaasa kang hindi mananaig
Ang kalaswaan sa dalisay na pagibig

Maari bang humiling
Pag ang Maykapal ay iyo nang kapiling
Ituloy lang sana ang pag kitil
Sa walang kwentang RH BILL







by Emmeline L Verzosa

In behalf of the Verzosa Family

 Sr Mary Pilar Verzosa’s Celebration of her Entrance o Eternal Life

12 September 2012

Good Shepherd Convent Chapel

Sr Mary Pilar, number 4 among us 8 siblings, was the most active, energetic, firm and decisive, determined and principled, yet thoughtful, caring and loving in the family.  We all know that Sr Pilar lived a full life… Sharing her time and talent for advocacy, organizing and fundraising to her many causes…. As well as being present to individual women and youth in distress giving counsel and guidance.

We feel sad about her unexpected early departure from earth.. But that was how she wished to go… ‘Dying with her boots on’ as she mentioned to one of the sisters.

We thank most especially the nurses Vebs and Daisy who invited her to give the seminar and who stood by her at that moment she had the massive brain hemorrhage or stroke. We thank the staff of the De La Salle University Medical Center who immediately attended to her at the emergency room and at the ICU; to Srs Myra, Emma and Ana, Tess and Diana, Tingting and Carme and lay volunteer Didi who stayed with us during her critical hours.

We thank her Pro-life family who she most loved and nurtured — for following her and giving her all your support. You have big shoes to fill as she commandeered you in her last words, ‘Please take over!’ This she told Marita Wasan when she felt ill during the lecture.

We thank all her supporters in her various organizations — too many to mention… Task Force Detainees, anti-Nuclear, Anti-death penalty, BUNSO, our breastfeeding advocacy, Pondong Pinoy, Bodytalk, Verzosa Clan, the alumnae associations and her classmates in St Theresa’s College Quezon City and Manila and St Paul’s College Manila, and a new one which was about to be launched on Autism.. Forgive me if I missed others.We thank the Religious of the Good Shepherd sisters led by Sr Mary Cecilia Torres, who took turns community by community to visit her and pray for her; and who did all the arrangements from hospital to cremation, to wake and inurnment.

But we thank the RGS most especially for providing the environment for her to live her sense of patriotism,  her faith, hope, love and zeal…with Integrity and humility … and allowed her the freedom to pursue her causes for LIFE, justice and peace.

We thank all the bishops and priests who said masses for Sr Pilar during the wake and most especially the ‘all star cast’ we have here. (over 20 bishops and priests concelebrated the final Mass led by Archbishop Chito Tagle)

We thank all who sent text messages, email and Facebook from all over the world; we thank all of you friends and relatives, her sisters, colleagues and supporters for your prayers and condolences for the flowers and the food…and for joining us in this celebration of Sr Mary Pilar’s entrance to eternal life.

Sr Pilar, forgive us for all our shortcomings. Thank you for sharing with us the gift of your life’s journey. Let us rejoice in the belief that she is now in God’s loving embrace, in the seat of Eternal Peace.

We know that her spirit continues to live in the heart and soul of each one of us whose life she has touched.  Let us remember her, call on her in times when we are low or naghihingalo (as what Archbishop Tagle said in his homily). I am sure that she will come and spark a Light within us, so we can keep our fire burning.

As she loved everyone unconditionally, the least we can do is to love unconditionally too.

Maraming Salamat mula sa Pamilya Verzosa.

PAALAM Sr Pilar!

Emmeline L Verzosa











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  1. Vikki L. ALcala says:

    Sister Pilar,

    You will be missed by us whose lives you have touched. We will never forget the zeal you put into every word you uttered to defend the sacredness of life.

    Help us timid warriors to defend the helpless unborn in the silence of our hearts in prayers.

    Vikki L. Alcala. ofs
    Junior CWL Coordinator
    CWL Diocese of Cubao

  2. Marcks says:

    I am extremely inspired together with your writing skills and also with the format to your blog.

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