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Dumbed Down


By: ajuperez

It’s been used and overused for the past two weeks since Senator Sotto gave his Turno en Contra speech. It’s pretty much on the vocabulary of the pro RH camp now the way they overplayed the issue in order to divert the people’s attention from the truths that the good senator has raised.

PLAGIARISM. Yes, it’s the issue that won’t die. We didn’t want to dignify the senseless and inane insults hurled against Senator Sotto, but it has to be said: why is it that even the most educated RH believers get so easily sidetracked by this plagiarism issue and turn a blind eye instead on the issues raised in Sotto’s speeches?

The last two weeks was spent trying to get people to understand that while plagiarism isn’t right in any shape or form, the issues that Senator Sotto tackled in his Turno far outweigh the plagiarism claim. The claims made by Sotto have far-reaching implications about the true nature of this bill; apparently the pro RH camp does not have answers to Sotto’s allegations, so therefore they have to resort to name-calling in order to decieve the populaition into agreeing with the bill becase the messenger is a “no-good lying thief”.

We decry the total dumbing down of the supposedly intelligent discussions regarding RH, especially those who keep on singing the plagirisim issue. We have challenged these supposedly educated people who have joined the Tito Sotto hate bandwagon to focus on the things that Sotto mentioned in his speeches, but everybody seems to miss the forest for the trees, and absolutely no one among those whom we have argued with saw the bigger picture.

On the other hand, if the shoe were in the other foot and we are avid RH supporters, this plagiarism issue is a welcome scapegoat; first of all, logic isn’t necessary. As long as we say “Sotto resign!” or “Plagiarism!” we are backed up by hordes of Sotto haters. We could just say that this senator doesn’t deserve his spot in the senate, or a disgrace to all senators everywhere. Never mind looking into the facts that he mentioned. After all, what can you expect from a graduate of Wanbol University. We can also mention something about his past, about the Pepsi Paloma issue; there fore we can conclude that Sotto isn’t really pro-women at all, given how he treated Ms. Paloma, never mind that the issue has nothing to do with RH, never mind that the issue happened decades ago.

See how dumbing down the argument leads to more illogical and fallacious conclusions?

This is the reason why we as pro-lifers should always, always join the discussion. We bring the light of truth to both social and traditional media. Without us, the discussions will be monopolized by those who seek to prevent the truth from ever coming out and at the same time manage to insert an invective or two against us pro lifers. There is no excuse for pro-lifers not to take to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media as well as respond to columnists from our major dailies.

It should be noted that the culprit for exposing Senator Sotto, and perhaps for starting the mud-slinging, is a paid stooge. From the blog of the Pinoy Templars:

“Blogger” who launched smear attack vs Sotto is on abortion campaigner’s payroll

Alfredo R. Melgar, the “blogger” credited for exposing Senate Majority Leader Vicente “Tito” Sotto III’s supposed plagiarism1 on the smear website of the neo-atheist Filipino Freethinkers, is no ordinary blogger after all.

Documents now show Alfredo earns his living from Likhaan2, one of the groups exposed by Sotto as having received thousands of dollars last year from the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the world’s largest provider of abortion services3.

This only goes to show that Alfredo’s “exposé” was nothing but a malicious Likhaan plot to get back at Sotto for exposing the fake numbers Likhaan and other pro-RH lobbyists are using regarding maternal deaths, as well as for divulging their connections to abortionists4. This blatant conflict of interest has escaped the uncritical, manifestly pro-RH news media, who think Alfredo was just a crusading “freethinker.”

Oh look. We copied from a blog. Call me a plagiarist!














Photo courtesy of UP Students, Faculty and Alumni Against the RH Bill

The question we have against Senator Sotto’s naysayers is very simple: does a plagiarized statement lose its veracity or truth?

We rest our case.




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2 Responses to “Dumbed Down”
  1. Bernie says:

    Let us pray to God, Jesus Christ through the intercession of our Holy Mother Mary that these ideas by the anti life groups will not prevail in the Philippines. I am praying for you Pro Life Phis that please continue with your crusade in this very important matter.

  2. Ricky Herrera says:

    It is sad to hear that the debate on the RH bill has moved from issues to personalities. Does this mean there has been a drought in the justification of the RH bill that is why there is a switch to mud slinging and focus on the messenger not the message?

    With Senator Cayetano’s amendment of the RH bill and removal of population development in the title of the bill, maybe we can focus on the real issues:

    1) Make strong the law and implement the Magna Carta for Women which would lessen matriarchal deaths. It is already there, why make another one?

    2) Create an anti-poverty law to replace the RH bill which would focus on more solutions in ending poverty and not just focusing on one, population control. To solve poverty cannot be solved by simply asking the poor to stop multiplying. The privileged should be less greedy and share some of their wealth to the poor. Government should focus development outside the Metro Cities so there would be more opportunities outside the Metro Cities thus there would not be over crowding, and more solutions not just focusing on one.

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